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Here are another great bunch of stories. Well done to the writers. Happy reading!

what a sneeze
katelyn ward-donnellan Age: 13 - 30-May-2006
Brian says: ha ha, how embarrassing!

the coconut tuna chiwowo
Divesh Age: 11 - 29-May-2006
Brian says: Well, I guess it's original... What is a chiwowo anyway?

Ashleigh O'Malley Age: 11 - 24-May-2006
Brian says: The true story of Jindy the cat. Thanks Ashleigh.

The Talking Tailless Horse
Jessica Davison Age: 13 - 22-May-2006
Brian says: What an amazing and fantastical thing this would be. A great story, thanks Jessica!

Wonderful Land
tralyse Age: 10 - 21-May-2006
Brian says: The start of a fairy-tale, I think.

ashleigh Age: 12 - 20-May-2006
Brian says: All's well that ends well. A funny story (and a yecchy one!)

I Can Do It!
Laura B Age: 13 - 20-May-2006
Brian says: Another promising start to a story. I hope you write the rest Laura, I would like to read it all.

The Little Girl
Blair Balsom Age: 12 - 17-May-2006
Brian says: Wow, what an exciting start!

Professor Gilberton!
Joshua Gason Burgess - 14-May-2006
Brian says: A story about a kid with a strange and special power, now that's my kind of story!

Sidharth - 14-May-2006
Brian says: This story reads like a legend, a classical story.

Dad Freak
Mieke - 14-May-2006
Brian says: A story about depression, but with a happy ending!

The swamp tree troll of Kopu bridge
Lucy Day Age: 6 - 14-May-2006
Brian says: Cool!

Alex Freeman - 13-May-2006
Brian says: This is funny and very well written.

My name is Kate
Kate Age: 7 - 13-May-2006
Brian says: Thanks Kate for writing a small story about yourself.

Christmas With a Sparkle
Ethan Pilgrim Age: 9 - 13-May-2006
Brian says: A nice story about what is important in life.

Younho Choi Age: 10 - 13-May-2006
Brian says: Here is the start of what sounds like an interesting story.

A ninja carrots not so great day out
Thomas Age: 12 - 13-May-2006
Brian says: This story is very creative. See what you think of it.

The Outlaw Sophie
Ta'mar - 12-May-2006
Brian says: Short and sweet!

This is a tale of things that, well, arent that great
Greg Jonas Age: 13 - 12-May-2006
Brian says: This is kind of 'out there'

I am thinking.
Sophie Guilford-Smith Age: 12 - 12-May-2006
Brian says: This is a story that invites you NOT to read it!

Think before you try new things
Felicity Age: 13 - 12-May-2006
Brian says: A story with a message.

Being able to See the Next Week
Janelle Sara Trumper Age: 13 - 11-May-2006
Brian says: Great!

- 11-May-2006
Brian says: This is a fun story about Time Travel.

Being able to See the Next Week
Janelle Sara Trumper Age: 13 - 11-May-2006
Brian says: Wouldn't it be great if you got news like this.

Taylor Adair - 11-May-2006
Brian says: Wow. This is a sensitive and well written story about a very difficult subject. Well done Taylor.

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