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These are some of the best stories that have been posted on my site!

The Haunted House
Izzy Age: 12 - 5-Dec-2015
Brian says: Wow, what a difficult choice to have to make.

Woman Ace
Mark Michaux Age: 11 - 29-Oct-2015
Brian says: Excellent story! Wow, Mark you have a wonderful imagination!

What's Important?
Vivacious Effervescent Age: 15 - 1-Oct-2015
Brian says: Wow. Amazing writing, and an important message. These carefully thought-out words will really make people think.

Afraid in Paradise
Annabelle Davison Age: 12 - 23-Sep-2015
Brian says: Wow! Awesome start to a story. Chilling, and very descriptive.

Tye Tapene Age: 13 - 22-Sep-2015
Brian says: A great piece of writing from Tye, emotive and descriptive about the horrors of domestic abuse.

The Octochicken
Sota Osaki Age: 12 - 22-Sep-2015
Brian says: Haha, this is crazy awesome. Full on imaginative and funny. Well done Sota.

The Tail
Emma Donald Age: 11 - 1-Sep-2015
Brian says: Great story, with a great twist at the end. Nice writing!

Pencils up!
Celeste Watkins Age: 11 - 27-Aug-2015
Brian says: Very well written and very clever!

Flying Through Space
Ana Age: 15 - 3-Oct-2014
Brian says: Wow! What a well researched and interesting story. Well worth a read.

The Cell
Grace Thompson Age: 12 - 27-Apr-2014
Brian says: This is a great start to a story! Very visual and descriptive!

The Last Stand
Cody Bretton Age: 14 - 20-Mar-2014
Brian says: Wow, Cody this is powerful, with some great writing!

My Big Brother
Tahlia Age: 13 - 18-Mar-2014
Brian says: This is lovely and well written story Tahlia.

Call Me Crazy!
Gayathri Age: 14 - 12-Nov-2013
Brian says: Wow, intense. Well written Gayathri!

How Santa Stole Christmas
Richard Soranno Age: 12 - 22-Oct-2013
Brian says: Great story Richard! A product of our Las Vegas writing camp.

Zoe Dalziel Age: 10 - 20-May-2013
Brian says: A great story, and well structure. Definitely worth reading!

The Namibian Ghosts
Elise Hogden Age: 14 - 4-May-2013
Brian says: A great, and very exciting start to a story!

Tommy's Tales
Zoe Nyika Age: 12 - 14-Mar-2011
Brian says: A great story, exciting and funny. Well done Zoe!

The Ice Crystal
Kate Donovan Age: 13 - 8-Sep-2010
Brian says: Great story Kate. Short, but full of drama, adventure, mystery and tragedy. Well done.

Amanda Breck Age: 15 - 7-Sep-2010
Brian says: Amanda, this is great writing. Very descriptive, tense and suspenseful. I want to read this book!

Cinderella-A Retelling
Amanda Breck Age: 15 - 7-Sep-2010
Brian says: A great start to a great new take on Cinderella. Fantastic!

Janetta Kim Age: 12 - 11-May-2010
Brian says: I think this is a fantastic poem by a year 8 student.

The Ancients
Samantha Thompson Age: 15 - 28-Mar-2010
Brian says: A really well written and exciting story with an unexpected end. Well done Samantha!

Alana Crawford Age: 13 - 25-Mar-2010
Brian says: Wonderful writing and a terrifying, but fascinating story. Well done Alana!

The Uncovered Secret
Anita Age: 12 - 7-Jan-2010
Brian says: Great story! Thrilling!

Josephine Newman Age: 15 - 7-Jan-2010
Brian says: An excellent story, full of emotion and drama!

surviving hell
rose Age: 12 - 24-Dec-2009
Brian says: Fantastic! A great start to what promises to be an exciting adventure story.

A Spider Problem
James Cider and Ciara Rayne Age: 12 - 7-Dec-2009
Brian says: Fantastic story James and Ciara! This was based on the workshop we did in your class and I think you have done a great job of turning the idea into an exciting and action-packed story.

Jessica Age: 12 - 3-Nov-2009
Brian says: This is an enthralling story. Well done.

Lost in the Daintree
Aly Thompson Age: 11 - 1-Nov-2009
Brian says: Well done Aly. I really enjoyed reading this.

Piano Man
Renee Age: 12 - 29-Oct-2009
Brian says: Wow!

Dawn Tiller Age: 15 - 18-Oct-2009
Brian says: Probably the best start to a story I have yet seen on this site. Great imagery, great suspense, great writing!

Disease of Love, Part One.
Alayna Patterson Age: 12 - 4-Sep-2009
Brian says: Beautiful writing, and a very emotive story.

ashton riddle-johnston Age: 11 - 3-Sep-2009
Brian says: Great work Ashton. You have a nasty villain and an exciting fight.

emerald eyes
Hannah Tuisaula Age: 13 - 24-Aug-2009
Brian says: This is a great start to a story. It has action, excitement, and a great cliff-hanger ending.

Rondor (unfinished/unedited)
Paddy Cashman Age: 13 - 14-Aug-2009
Brian says: This is a very imaginative, and intriguing fantasy story. It is not finished yet, but I sure want to read it when it is. Great work Paddy!

Courtney Johnston Age: 14 - 22-Jul-2009
Brian says: This is really well written. Congratulations!

Ruby's Pendant
Amanda Age: 11 - 13-Jun-2009
Brian says: Great story!

the witch
caleb simpson Age: 10 - 16-May-2009
Brian says: Scary!

Wrestling with a monster!!!!
Maree Campbell Age: 12 - 20-Apr-2009
Brian says: Exciting!

hiya lyre
niki Age: 9 - 11-Dec-2008
Brian says: Great story!

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