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Life of Brian

By Sophia Smith

As naughty little nine year old Re-re looked out the window, he saw a tiny little greeny speck. A… butterfly. But this was no ordinary butterfly - its head was scary for some reason, and not two, but three bright, neon, yellow-green eyes stared at Re-re. He shrieked and ran from the window sill.

His mother called from the old gloomy hall of their
two- bedroom apartment. “Re-re, What is it?” Re-re ran to his mother. He made a squeaky noise from deep in his throat, but he couldn‘t speak. He beckoned to her to come to his room. He ran fast while his mother jogged behind him. When she saw the creature she yelled, “It has come true!” and ran toward the telephone.

“I must get in contact with Professor Bell. I must get in contact with Professor Bell. I must get in contact with Professor Bell!”
She chanted as she ran for the phone. Re-re’s Mother dialled the number that was on the piece of paper in her dresser - the piece of paper that Re-re was forbidden to see. He had seen it, of course. He never let any secret get past him. Re-re had thought nothing of it, really, a phone number.

His Mother put the phone to her ear. “Hello” said a voice on the other end of the line. “How can I help you?” “Hello” gasped Re-re’s mother. “Can I please speak to Professor Bell?” she asked. “Um, arr, let me see.” Re-re’s mother waited for five minutes, shaking her head all the time “Ah, I’m sorry, he’s out at the moment.” Came the voice on the other end of the line. “What?” asked Re-re’s Mother. “He, he is out.” “How can I contact him?” “You can’t” said the voice, a little more steadily and even a little rudely.

Re-re’s mother slammed down the phone. “This will never do,” she stormed. “What is it that has come true?” Re-re inquired. “Oh, don’t worry.” She said as if she had not time for little boys.

He ran into his messy room again and peered out the window. The creature was getting bigger and bigger. When it got to the size of his mothers fist, it stopped growing and came towards him at a rapid pace. Smack, it hit the window with tremendous force. It turned and flew about a foot away, then came thundering back. Re-re saw no more - he ran for help.

His Mother was crying. He remembered his father last words before he passed away. “Re-re , you are the man of the house now, take care.” He thought about how his father had fallen off the roof of the house that he was building. He thought about that terrified scream. Although it was a whole year ago he remembered it like it was yesterday.

Re-re heard the crack of breaking glass. Then a loud buzzing sound. The massive butterfly came pelting through. Re-re’s mother stopped crying and clutched at the awful butterfly. It thwacked her with one of its wings. She cried “Help!” Re-re grabbed the telephone. First he rang his next door neighbour, who didn’t answer and then, with all his courage, he picked up the secret paper and dialled the number on it. The same lady answered that had told his mother that Professor Bell was not in came over the line. “Hello. How can I help you?” she asked in that monotonous tone of hers. “I know that Professor Bell is there, so give the phone to him this instant!” Re-re yelled.

Suddenly something he had not expected happened - a man’s voice came over the phone. “Hello?” and then a series of screaming, yelling and thrashing. A huge crash came over the line. Then the mans voice again. “Hello, I am sorry about that,” he said “Will you please explain what just happened?” curious little Re-re asked. “It’s a long story, and you and your Mother are a part of it.” came the tired sounding reply. Re-re explained what had happened and Professor Bell exclaimed “It really is coming true!”
Re-re heard the telephone slam down and then suddenly he looked around. The butterfly was gone, but where?

In about ten minutes there was knock on the door. Professor Bell came in. Re-re had seen him before, with Mother and Father having an ‘Adults discussion’. The Professor asked where Re-re’s Mother was.
Re-re told him that she was on the couch, wrapping up her hand. He went through and said to her “I have done it”.

Later Re-re found out that it was all about a book, the whole thing. This book was valued at $1000, but, according to legend, a strange and mystical figure that you read about in this tale, would one day come out of it and seek to destroy one thing: the family of a man that did everything he could to try and burn the book, but only when he died could this legend come true. This man ended up falling and braking his neck at a construction sight. His name was George. Only one other person wanted to burn the book, because no one would burn something of it’s massive value. The woman that held this book worked with a man named Bell, who was that other man. He knew the family of George, and all the truth about the book. He had managed to get hold of his horrible work colleague, and force her to give him the book, which he burnt. That was how the butterfly disappeared.

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