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Tommy's Tales

By Zoe Nyika

Tommy Turner’s room was forever messy. Dirty clothes littered the floor and toys hid in various places such as under the bed, on the desk and even in his underwear drawer. Of course, his mother did not approve of this but she had grown used to the fact that he was not a tidy person and that this wasn’t going to change. So she merely sighs and looks mournfully at the room (or pigsty, its unknown which is correct) around her.
On this particular Sunday night, Mummy walked into Tommy’s room in her best satin dress to find three plates smeared in juices of some sort, Tommy’s favorite action figure hanging from the light, and something green and furry that she could not recognize under the wardrobe. The rest of the room was covered in the usual things except the bedside table, which only had on it, a lamp and Tommy’s favorite book, 10 fun fairytales. Tommy was sitting cross-legged on the bed facing the wall. “Hem hem,” coughed Mummy. Tommy turned around in a flash and then turned back to his toys. “Tommy,” Mummy continued. “Daddy and I are going out to dinner tonight, but Emily, your old babysitter is coming over to look after you.” Tommy gave a frustrated sigh. “We’ll be back quite late so make sure you get to bed on time. Emily should be here any time now.” “Do you have to go?” Tommy moaned “I’m afraid so.” said Mummy. The door bell wrung from in the hall. “That’ll be her.” announced Mummy. Emily walked into the room wearing an emerald green top, jeans that were torn at the knees, and violet shoes. “I’m here!” said Emily. “Good,” said Mummy. “Goodbye, Tommy. See you, Emily.” And she strode out the door after muttering something to Emily, Daddy now at her side.
“So,” Sighed Emily. “Are you hungry?” Tommy shook his head so furiously that his soft brown hair flapped about and became tussled and messy. “Then put on your pajamas and get ready for bed.” said Emily. Tommy did as he was told. “Goodness!” exclaimed Emily dropping the comb she was brushing his hair with. “What a mess your room is! But why, your bedside table is so clean!” Tommy shuffled his feet nervously. “I have to keep it clean.” mumbled Tommy. “And why is that?” asked Emily, a tone of interest in her voice. “Because,” Tommy continued. “Because if I don’t, the fairytale characters will come after me for getting it messy.” Emily snorted scornfully. “What rubbish.” She said. “There’s no such thing as people coming out of books. The things people tell children these days.” “But it’s true!”Exclaimed Tommy. “It’s happened before!” “Stop telling tales, Tommy!”Emily said angrily. “Now, hop into bed or there will be no bedtime story!”Once again, Tommy obeyed. “Shall I read you a fairytale? How about Cinderella?” said Emily, picking up the book on his table. The cover was a brilliant Lilac and the lime green spine was torn from the many times it had been read. On the cover, a beautiful fairy sat, pink sparks showering from her wand. Her dress was a sky blue and her wand and shoes were golden. Her lips were a light pink and her golden hair hung down to her waist, daisies and forget-me-nots entwined with care. Emily opened the book to page 26 and began to read a tale about a beautiful maiden who has 2 evil step sisters and a mean stepmother. She wants to go to the ball but they won’t let her. And then comes Tommy’s favorite part, when the fairy godmother whisks her of to the ball in a beautiful gown and she dances with the prince. Tommy could imagine it, a beautiful lady waltzing with a very handsome prince in a ballroom of pure white marble. Then suddenly, “Oh, look at the time!” Emily had just seen the time on her watch and the images in Tommy’s mind disappeared. “You’d better get off to bed.” Emily laid the book down on the table, open on the page they had finished on. She got up and marched to the door. “Wait!” yelled Tommy. “You can’t leave it open! Or else the book characters will get angry and come after me!” “Oh Tommy,” said Emily. “You need to grow up and stop telling such fibs. You’ll be fine.” And with that, she flicked off the light and walked out the door. She went into the spare room and sat on the bed where she spent many of these visits, getting out her new book and beginning to read. Tommy shuddered. He knew it was true and soon they would come to get him, but he didn’t dare touch the book. He hid his head under the blankets and waited. Soon he had calmed himself and fell into a deep sleep. He was awoken minutes later by a shuffling sound from near the wardrobe. “He left the book open again!” whispered a hoarse voice. “Where is he?!” cackled another. “Let’s have some fun!” Tommy’s thoughts went flying. Who were they? What did they want? Who were they looking for? Suddenly he realized. It was the mean stepmother and the ugly stepsisters. They had, as he predicted, come to get him for leaving the book open. He began to tremble. He tried to stop himself because he knew if they saw him they would come after him, but he couldn’t and it only made him more nervous. “What’s this?” cackled the stepmother. Her long pointed fingers poked into his back. Tommy leaped out of his bed and ran out of the door, locking it behind him, still screaming. He ran into the spare room and jumped onto the bed. “The book characters, they’ve come to get me!” he yelled in Emily’s ear. “I told you to stop it Tommy!” she said angrily. “If you don’t behave, I’ll call Mummy and tell her how naughty you’ve been.” Beginning to panic, Tommy fleeted to the bathroom and sat down on the toilet. He didn’t need to go toilet, but he needed somewhere to sit and think about what he was going to do. He thought as hard as he could, but his mind was blank with panic. A single tear trickled down his flushed cheek. Suddenly, the fairy from the front of the book appeared. “Hello Tommy.” She said in an airy voice. “I’m Fairy Godmother, and I know how to get rid of the other book characters.” Tommy gazed up at her. “How?” he said hopefully. “You must get all the characters back into the book by midnight.” she continued. “You can do it any way you want. You can hustle and bustle them, you can push and shove them, you can even trick them into going in but it must be done by midnight.” Now, Tommy was determined to catch them. He said thank you and headed out of the bathroom. “What might I need to catch them?” He said to himself. “Armor!” he said and he ran silently past the spare room and into the kitchen. He rummaged through the draws and searched through the cupboards. For a helmet, he used a large metal mixing bowl with steel handles. It was loose and was frequently slipping down to his nose. So he got some string and tied it to the 2 handles. This kept it quite still but it was still a little loose. Tommy decided this was fine and carried on. For a breast plate, he tied together 2 tea trays with the string. For a shield, he got a huge saucepan lid and held the top of it for a handle and out of the top draw he got a wooden spoon for a sword. He would have used a knife from the knife rack but Mummy had forbidden him to touch them and he didn’t actually want to kill the book characters. Next, he ran in to the Nursery and as he walked past the door of his bedroom, he heard the ugly stepmother and stepsisters banging the walls and clawing at the door with their long, pointed fingernails. He shuddered with fear at the thought of them.
Once in the Nursery, he emptied his backpack and put in the following items:
• His butterfly net
• A pair of binoculars
• 10 plastic balls (to throw at them)
• His fishing net (to trap them with)
• Some pretend diamonds and gold (to bait them in)
• A strong rope (to tie them up in)
• And all the necessary equipment to make a simple trap.
He was ready for anything. He was confident that he could capture the book characters and save the house, maybe even the world. This was not just a silly visit from the “boogeyman”; it was a quest that he, Sir Tommy, must conquer!
He slipped silently out of the nursery and closed the door with the slightest click. As he went past his bedroom he heard a croaky voice, but not the one of the stepmother, no, it was a man’s voice! He tip-toed to the door and peered through the keyhole into the face of…
“Rumplestiltskin!”Tommy exclaimed. Four angry looking people turned and stared at the keyhole where Tommy had sat, Tommy having dived out of the way just in time.
“Anyway,” continued the older stepsister. “I think we should…” “Silence!” interrupted the ugly stepmother. “I was just saying….!” Began the stepsister, but once again she was silenced by her mother. “Sssshh! I think he’s still there.” She said, and with that, she tiptoed to the door and peered through the keyhole.
“Little boy? Little boy?” came the smooth voice. “Little boy, please let us out. We won’t hurt you.”But Tommy wasn’t dumb. He continued to stand silently beside the door. “Mother, the boy’s not there…” “He is there. He’s just not replying!”The book characters squabbled.
Tommy saw his chance to slip away. The others continued to fight and so Tommy decided he might as well plant a trap outside the door incase they escaped. But soon after he’d done so, he realized that he would have to let them out so he could catch them. The war would have to use the entire house. “But what about Emily?” he said aloud. He thought and thought and thought. Then he heard a deep voice behind him. “Don’t worry about that.” Tommy turned and saw a tall handsome man in shining silver armour. “Prince Charming?” “The fairy godmother sent me to help you.” He continued. “I’ll guard the door to the spare room. You go ahead.” “Thank you.” whispered Tommy, then Charming dashed off to the spare room.
Silently, Tommy unlocked the door and opened it just enough for him to slip through. The book characters, now arguing about what they were going to do with him, didn’t notice him slink into the shadows of the room. “I say we cook him in a cauldron and have boy soup for tea!” sneered Rumplestiltskin. “But that would take too long….” began the sister. “Hang on! The door is open! Let’s GO!” “But wait,” said the ugly stepmother. “Maybe one of us should stay here in case he comes back. Griselda,” she said pointing at one of the sisters. “You stay here.” “Ok.” And with that, they tiptoed out of the room, leaving Tommy and the gruesome Griselda together in the dark. As soon as the door closed, Tommy launched himself at Griselda, knocking her to the ground. He wrapped her up securely in his fishing net and shoved a pair of his dirty socks from the floor into her mouth to stop her yelling out to the others. Then, he pulled the book off his bedside table and tried with all his might to shove Griselda into it. When only her feet were poking out of the book, he pulled off the net and slammed the book shut. Sitting panting on the floor, gripping the book firmly, Tommy listened to see if the others had heard his attack on the grotesque sister.
“Did you hear something?” came a whisper from the hall. “It sounded like it came from that room. Maybe you should check on Griselda.” said another. Tommy froze solid. An icy shiver ran down his spine. “You guys go on without me. I’ll catch up soon.” Heavy foot steps approached the door. “Ooh, jewels!” Suddenly, in a flash of adrenaline, Tommy remembered the trap he set up earlier and he dashed over to the door and set it off. There was a muffled shriek and Tommy prayed that no one had heard it. He thrusts open the door and hauled in another ugly sister. He tied her up in a rope before shoving her roughly back into the book. But even though he now had 2 of the characters back in the book, Tommy knew this next part wasn’t going to be easy.
“Arabella?!” called the ugly stepmother, concern clear in her voice. Tommy heard her hurry down the hall. He knew what he had to do. He tucked the book safely into his backpack and prepared to run. The ugly stepmother opened the door and Tommy sped past her and raced into the nursery, barring the door behind him. It wasn’t until he heard a hearty cough behind him that he realized he hadn’t seen Rumplestiltskin when he came out of his room. His hand slipped silently into his backpack on the floor and grasped something round and smooth. Then quick as a flash, he turned and hurled four plastic balls across the room, his eyes clenched shut. When he opened his eyes, Rumplestiltskin was nowhere to be seen. But then he emerged from the dress-up box beside Tommy. And when Tommy went to grab more balls, Rumplestiltskin seized him and restrained him with his iron grip. Tommy wriggled and struggled and managed to kick Rumplestiltskin in the shin. Rumplestiltskin howled as he grasped his bruised leg, releasing Tommy, who raced over to his bag and walloped him on the head with it. He crumpled at Tommy’s feet and Tommy didn’t hesitate to tie him up with a skipping rope he found on the floor beside him and sit on him. But that horrid hag, the ugly stepmother, had just discovered that the door was no longer blocked. She came charging into the room like a bulldozer and knocked Tommy off Rumplestiltskin, who shrugged off the rope and advanced towards a terrified Tommy! Tommy, convinced that he was doomed, decided to use his last weapon. He turned away from the book characters, squeezed his eyes closed and concentrated with all his might. And then……… “Bbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrppppppp!” He let out the biggest fart he could muster. The book characters were knocked of their feet and as the fart continued, they scrambled for shelter against this Almighty Wind. When it finished, Prince Charming burst through the door, come to see what had cause such a noise, and immediately cup his hands over his nose and mouth. “What was that?!” he exclaimed from beneath his hands. Tommy, unaffected by the eruption, stared sheepishly at his feet. The prince seized the villains and pressed them roughly against the wall so that they couldn’t escape. Tommy rushed forward to help and together they hustled the book characters back into the book. Then Prince Charming turned to Tommy. “You’ve fought very valiantly tonight Tommy. You’re a very brave little boy and I’m sure when you grow up you will be the greatest knight ever.” He then took off his helmet and placed it in Tommy’s arms. “You can have this as a token of gratitude. I must go back now, to make sure those trouble-makers don’t get up to any more mischief. Good Luck, Sir Tommy.” “Thank you, Sir.” murmured Tommy, and with that, Prince Charming bowed and stepped back into the book. Tommy closed he book tenderly and gazed at the beautiful Fairy that sat graciously on the cover. “Thank you, too.” Tommy whispered, and he was sure he saw her wink at him. Just then, Emily came marching into his room. “Tommy Turner, did you lock me in the spare room?!” Tommy smiled mischievously. “I have been locked in there for at least an hour!” she rambled on. “I was worried sick! I didn’t know what you were up to, but I heard a lot banging! It almost gave me a heart attack! You know you’re not aloud to play with doors! What were you up to?!” “Nothing much.” said Tommy.
The End.

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