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the story of little ramso and the queens tiara

By siobhan french

this is all i have so far

i took a deep breath and steeped into the torture chamber but in other kids words it may be called school.
My life at school is usually a big disaster that is why I call it the torture chamber! Brinnng! I sat down knowing that everyone soon enough was going to tease me.
But then I heard, Rachel Lexington to the counceling office and then suddenly I heard lots of whispers from other kids that said like what she done probably has beaten someone up again!
But it’s not what you think it was just a big rumor that I had beaten the star quarter back and now everyone hates me because we did not win nationals because he broke his arm but it was not true that I had beaten him up.
So I jumped up and ran to the counceling office and they said to me your auntie called and you are going home so they gave me a train ticket to Auckland and I said to them I don’t live in Auckland I live in Hamilton.
So they said you are going to be homeschooled at your aunties bye it sounded like they said bye like they wanted me to leave because I fell on the cheerleading captain before the nationals but that was just another rumor.
As you have probably gotton that everyone hates me and makes a lot of rumors about me.
When I got on the train I had a lazy dribbling dude sitting next to me and half way through the train ride he fell on my lap and accedentaly kissed leg i was totall;y grossed out I said to the man get off you slob and I got pushed to the back of the train and I saw my best friend from New York and she was going to my aunties place aswell then I thought isn’t homeschooling suppose to be for one person

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