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The dark night

By Brianna

Lily was a 9th grader who went to one of the most advanced High Schools in the country. It was her freshmen year so she was very nervous about her first day, She had many questions swirling through her head such as: "Will I fit in?" "how will i know who are nice and who are mean?" "Will i be popular or very disliked?".

It was the strangest feeling she has ever had in her life. As she took one step out of the car shivering from fright, she noticed that everyone outside was being extremely polite to each other, Shaking hands, Friendly hugs, waving, No Bullying or calling names, Pure friendliness. As soon as Lily jumped out of the car with her backpack she heard someone yell "TIME FOR SCHOOL!". She gasped as everyone flooded into the school like they werent talking and they were just waiting for the person to give them the heads up.

Before she could take a step a girl about her age pranced over to her and greeted her with a handshake and pulled her inside before she even got the chance to speak. As they got in lily asked what the rush was "No time to explain, we need to get to class before we are tardy or were dead!" the girl exclaimed running through the hall pulling the confused lily behind her. All of the sudden the girl shoved through the door like a monster was chasing them and closed the door and ran to her seat and motioned lily to sit by her.

The little girl gulped for air after the long run to the first hour class and stared at lily for a second and she leaned over cautiously leaned up by her ear and whispered: "You made the worst mistake of your life coming here!, Do you know what you got yourself into? If we dont act perfect we will literally be killed!" Lily giggled for a second "you cant be SERIOUS!" she laughed out loud and the noise echoed down the halls making everyone stare at her including the teacher.

The teacher frowned a bit and grabbed a knife from the top of her desk and put it up so close to her neck it was as if it were touching it. "You better beleive kaitlyn because what she says is true, You want to get killed then you go ahead and act up

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