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The Sea Horse

By Caitlin Trotter

This is the worst holiday ever. Ever since we got here it's been raining. As soon as I step outside, I get drenched. All I can do is sit inside all day and count the rain drops. Boring. Kill me now. I look at the clock. 6:30 already. Dad's gone out to get Chinese Takeaways, and Mum is having a nap on the couch. The phone rings and I answer it. It's my best friend Jen. " hi jen," I start, "how's things in Cali?" We chat on the phone for a while and then we hang up. the rain had stopped by now and I went outside to get some fresh air. Just so you know the caravan stinks like roadkill. Then I saw it. the sea. In the twilight the white bits on the wave look like animals. polar bears maybe, no horses. the seem to look out at me then one broke free. the horse bounds over to me and looks me in the eye as if to say " come for a ride". I jump up and it imedetly gallops off. the cool night air feels good on my face. Each night the horse comes back and soon my drawing pad is full of drawings of the horse. then the horrible day comes up. we have to go. As I am pack I'm thinking. " hey that was not real, I'm dreaming." but I find a stone and around the stone, is a lock of white hair. A couple of days later, I find a parcel wrapped in tissue paper. mum and dad had saw how i loved horses and gave me a porcelin copy of the sea horse. some day, i'll go back there, ad hopefully i'll see the sea horse too.

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