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The weird story

By James McCracken

The weird story By James McCracken

Chapter 1 I saw a green thing and a small thing at the window

So just to get this straight, I do not have a last name. Yes, no last name. I have a first name though, my first name is Sam. Anyway I’m running from my blood sucking mum that came from Mars.
So let’s start from the beginning.
“You’re late Mr...... Sam.” said my teacher who still thinks I have a last name.
“Sorry teacher.” I mumbled.
I walked to my seat and put down my books and stationary onto my desk.
“Anyway class as I was saying..mumble..blah blah..” This is what I only hear. I always get unfocused at all my classes except Sports.
Sports is my favourite class to do. I always get A++. Seriously I get A++.All the rest not so well. I kind of don’t want to tell you but I will.
I get a...Z-. Yes a Z minus. Anyway when my teacher was talking some things I was looking out the window to see Four eyes look at me! There was a thing that was green and was speckled with bright yellow spots holding a flower with two of those 4 eyes.
The other one was a small human on top of the green thing. He was wearing a red hat, red shirt , blue jeans and was holding a stick. They saw me looking at them and the little human clicked his fingers.... then disappeared. So for the rest of the day I’ve been thinking about the two strange beings. Then I entered the house to find......

Chapter 2 This is the bit where I run for my life

My mum.
“Hi darling. How was school today?” She asked.
“Good.” I said suspiciously because she was holding something behind her back.
“I will go up to my room if that’s ok mum.” I said.
“ No it is not ok.” Then she pulled out behind her back a 5 metre sword.
“Come here son so I can kill you..I mean kill you.” said my physco mum.
She swung the sword at me and just missed by an inch.
I ran upstairs into my room as fast as I could. Lucky that I was good at running. As soon as I got into my room I locked the door behind me.
Suddenly I heard a rough voice behind me.
“ Hello Samuel.” said the little human I saw at the window.
“ROAR! Open the door Samuel something something!” screamed my nice mother
“Help! Please can you help me? Can you do your disappearing trick please!”
I screamed like I was dying which I was going to anyway probably.
The door smashed open to reveal a hairy ugly man which looked like a
Viking.... I think.
“Oh no. .” said the little human calmly as I screamed for my life.
“Come to your big mama sweetie pie. Yumm. Sounds delicious.”
said my big loving hairy manly mum.
The only thing I could think of was... Jumping out the window which happily meant I jumped out for 20 metre drop.

Chapter 3 Hi Death! How are you today?

So guys that is the end of the story.. I died by jumping out a window. Nice ending isn’t it. What? You said your not convinced. Fine but it isn’t my fault if you get visited by about 10,000 bloodsucking shape shifting monsters from Mars wanting to know where I am.
So back to the story...
“AHHHHHH!” I screamed as I plummeted to my death.
“OW!” I next screamed.
At least I knew I wasn’t going to die. I seemed to be floating in mid air.
Suddenly a flash of light revealed that I was standing on a metal vehicle's hood.
“ Get in! “ said a high voice.
I jumped through the ceiling opening of the vehicle.
And the high voice person speeded of the other direction from the house i felt like I would never see again.
I looked to see who the high voice’s was.
It was the green alien!
“ You look like you saw an alien!” said the alien laughing hysterically.
That was the only thing I remember hearing before I went to faint of my crazy life situation.

Chapter 4 So how’s life at the short ending

I woke up to see I was in a room. It was all covered in metal.
Something felt weird about my body. I went to see at a mirror at the corner of the room and see my clothes .
They were all made out of metal! I just remembered how we were driving to somewhere. I looked where that somewhere was through the window at the other corner of the room..
This seems unrealistic but I was in SPACE!
So to make a long story short I was in a prison in space.
So truly this is the end.

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