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The Day Something Bad Went Wrong....

By Natalya McKenzie

This what happens when you eat too many baked beans..... you fart at the worst time ever! 350 faces are staring right at me. Then, it all turns into custard! I race out the side door and head straight for the little girls room. 'Flop'! I land straight on my backside as I am running. I try to wipe the grass stains off, but no. Those stubborn grass stains. I keep running and notice that my best friend Grace comes running after me.
"Natalya.... It will be OK" She starts to pant "Go back and say your speech, tomorrow we will think of a way to make everyone think that you didn't fart."
I know I should listen to her, but I am too imbarrased to go back into the hall.
I carry on for the bathroon. I finally make it and wait for the bell to go for the end of the day. It's silent, very silent. I start to sob in the cubicle. Suddenly, a loud sound echos the school as dozens of children race into the cloakbay. I wait, staying as quiet as I can. The noise slowly quiets down. I quickly jump out and grab my bag. I race out of school to find my mum waiting for me. I run into the car with tears dripping down my face. I tell mum all about my horrible day and sh ehugs me until I can't breathe.
The next day I wake up from the sun beaming through the curtains. 'Bring, bring'. Goes the phone.
"Hello" I say as I pick up the phone.
"Hey. It's Grace" She says "I have a thought of what we could do to make everyone think that you didn'y fart" She tells me her plan and we both agree that it is a great idea.
I tell everyone at school that it wasn't me, it was my shoes. My day at school goes without incident. Until Sassy Sierra comes up to me.
"It wasn't your shoes" she says "You weren't wearing those boots yesterday"
They all crowd around me and everyone laughs.

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