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cinderella retell!!!


Once upon a time there lived a girl called Cinderella. Cinderella had lovely blue eyes that sparkled when she laughed. She always wore a long purple dress which went down to her ankles. She always wore her hair in two plaits with two red hair ties. Cinderella also had two stepsisters called Javotte and Claudette. Javotte was very beautiful but she did not look one bit like Cinderella. She had short thick brown hair, which went down to her shoulders. She wore a long sleeve top and a skirt, and smelled lovely. Claudette practically looked the same as Javotte she wore a pink skirt and top and had black thick short hair that went down to her shoulders and she smelled beautiful.

One day Cinderella got an invitation to go to the ball with the prince. She was so excited; she started jumping up and down. She ran to her room and started to pick out what she was going to wear. She told her step sisters that she was invited to the ball and showed them her beautiful, white, frilly dress that looked lovely with her hair, which was up in a high pretty bun with a tiara. Her sisters were very jealous and started to whimper and cry because they were not invited. The fairy godmother got attracted by the tears and turned up right in front of them. “What are you crying about? Said the fairy godmother.

“We don’t get to go to the ball and Cinderella does. It’s not fair,” they cried. Then the fairy godmother got her wand from her pocket and with a flick of it the stepsisters had beautiful ball dresses on. They said, “Now we can go to the ball, YAY!!!” Then the fairy godmother flicked her wand again and a huge limo turned up right in front of their eyes, “Wow” said the stepsisters then they said thankyou to the fairy godmother and rushed off in their awesome limo to the ball.

Once they got to the ball they parked the car, then jumped out and went inside the doors into a big building where the ball was held. Once they got inside, the first person they saw was Cinderella. They tried to hide behind a two foot plant but unfortunately they were 5 foot, so Cinderella saw them. Javotte and Claudette were terrified. They sprinted out of the door. Javotte dropped her slipper and Claudette dropped her phone so they ran back to get them. The prince saw them and just started dancing with them. Cinderella got very grumpy and through a tanty. She was so grumpy that the prince would not dance with her, so she left the ball. The stepsisters, on the other hand, were having a fine old time dancing with the prince. Then the clock struck 12:00 pm and at 12:00pm the stepsisters lose all their ball clothes and go back to wearing their old rags, so they ran out the door into their limo. On the way out Javotte lost her glass slipper again but she did not dare to go back to the ball in case the prince saw her in her rags. So they drove back home in their limo but half way home the limo disappeared, so they had to walk the rest of the way home.

Once they got home they went straight to bed because they were so tired.
In the morning they woke up at about 10:00 am. By the time they had put on their slippers and dressing gowns they heard a knock at the door. They both opened the door and it was the prince. They gasped. The prince said, “Whoever fits the slipper I will marry!” Now they both wanted to be married to the prince so they sat down on a chair by the dining room table. Claudette tried the slipper on first although she knew that it was not her slipper. She put her foot in the shoe and said “It fits, it fits!” Javotte was so surprised because she knew that, that the slipper was hers but when Claudette stood up, the slipper fell off, because it was so big. So then Javotte tried on the slipper and it fitted she was so excited that she was going to marry the prince. She married the prince in the end and they lived happily ever after apart from Cinderella.

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