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Life of Brian

By Allyson

Elizabeth walked through to the kitchen in her pyjamas, her socks muffling the sound of her steps on the linoleum floor. The kitchen was in team 27’s flat in Nightstorm base, Nightstorm being the vigilante organisation bringing peace to London from 100 metres beneath it. The rest of their team was out doing their jobs, because they weren’t on suspension, whereas she and Alex were. Putting her glass on the sink, she stood on her toes, reaching for the overhead pantry door to open it, but as she did so a torch tumbled out and hit her on the head. She stumbled back, holding her head.
It wasn’t that Elizabeth was a complete klutz, but more she happened to be the one that occasionally detonated disaster that wasn’t entirely her fault. Rubbing her head, which, by the way, had purple hair on it, she called out in annoyance. “Ow! Alex, did you leave that there?”

Alex was sitting on the couch, looking bored and a bit annoyed. Although they were suspended from work and Elizabeth had taken full advantage by sleeping in until 10am, Alex had been up since six, and hadn’t moved from where he sat on the couch since. His brown hair was unbrushed and possibly needed cutting, and he wore his pyjamas; a singlet and boxer shorts. His feet were bare.
“No.” His simple and bored answer reflected the fact that in contrast to Elizabeth, who didn’t mind being home and not being able to work, he wasn’t happy unless he was working.

Elizabeth frowned. He’d disobeyed a direct order from the Alpha herself and he’d been placed on suspension as punishment, so he needed to face the consequences. Elizabeth was there because she’d helped him chase after Marcus even though they’d been told to abort the mission. Although they were still shaken by Marcus’ betrayal, he’d been growing further apart from them since Elizabeth had arrived at Nightstorm three months ago. It wasn’t exactly sudden.
“How long are you going to sit there?” She turned to face him and rolled her eyes.
Alex grunted and stayed where he was.
Elizabeth groaned. Sitting the couch opposite she said with a sigh “Alex, you can’t sit around sulking all day. You need to eat, sleep, and while you’re at it, put some clothes on.”
Alex grunted again. “I’m not-”
“You’re sulking.” She interrupted in an unyielding tone.
“You’re sulking.”
Alex didn’t answer.
She sighed. “I can’t cook. Start doing something useful or I’ll drag you to the cafeteria by your ear!”
Alex scoffed. “I’d like to see you try.” He said sourly, his chin resting on his hand, which was propped up on his knee.

Getting up and grabbing his ear, she dragged him down the hallway to his room and ordered him to get dressed.
Once in her own room, she wriggled into a pair of blue jeans and a white tank top then went to wait in the living room.

Alex did emerge, dressed in his trademark black hoodie and jeans. He always wore a t-shirt underneath but it rarely made an appearance.
“Finally. Let’s go.” She ordered, walking for the door.
As she walked along, she heard a squeal and a ‘thud’ from behind her. She spun to see what he was up to and cracked up laughing.
A girl of about thirteen had tackled Alex, squealing like a fan girl. She had bright pink hair, green eyes and wore a lacy skirt that stuck out because of an underskirt, much like Lolita style. She wore a baby blue t-shirt with a lollypop printed onto it and rainbow toe socks under glossy white sandals.
Alex groaned. She introduced herself as Emmey. He recalled now, he’d had problems with this girl before.
Elizabeth laughed. “Hi Emmey. Are you Alex’s friend?”
The girl didn’t even glance at Elizabeth. “Nope. I’m his girlfriend!” She said matter-of-factly.
Alex raised his eyebrows. “Say what!?”
In the hall, the other people stared as they passed him.
Elizabeth got an idea. “Emmey, would you like to have lunch with us?”
Emmey now turned to Elizabeth, grinning. “Really!?”
Alex shook his head, mimed slitting his throat with his finger and begged silently from behind Emmey. Elizabeth ignored him.
“Yep. Come on, let’s go!”

Later, Emmey got up to go to the bathroom and Alex seized his opportunity to complain.
“Why did you do that?!” He demanded in a hiss.
Elizabeth smirked. “You looked so bored, so I thought I’d give you a friend to have a little fun with.”
Alex pulled a face that said ‘are you serious?’ He sighed. “Okay, I’m sorry I’ve been so sulky. Could you please remove her?”
Elizabeth bit her lip. “Okay. Hold on for two minutes.”

Soon, she’d already baited Emmey into leaving. She’d simply gotten a friend of hers, Liam, to ask Emmey to dinner. Easy. Being the ‘ladies man’ Liam was, he didn’t have a problem with it and she didn’t even need to pay him back.
“Now we’re even. You sulked, I gave you payback.” Elizabeth announced proudly. Alex didn’t dare sulk again for the rest of the suspension.

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