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By mythedes payton

This always happens, why he makes promises that he knows he won’t be able to keep. Its summer vacation and yet again ive had to pack and then unpack my suitcase, because my father is so in love with this character in this moronic movie called the seeker. my dad would much rather camp outside a movie theatre with nothing but a sleeping bag and a pillow to keep him warm, and a giant cut out to keep him company, rather than in a tent with a blow up mattress and a duvet and a pillow, with ME to keep him company. That’s my problem for the summer, let the disappointments begin! hi im molly tabbitt and incase you didn’t read the first part of this story, my dad is a bit, no, a big screw up, this year he has lost 4 good jobs, and 3 girlfriends, 2 of which I liked, but the last one was a bit of a toad. I only want the best for my dad ever since my mum died in a car crash in Germany, he hasn’t been the same. He has a bit of an anger management problem, so that’s why he has lost so many jobs and privileges this year. I worry for him, deeply. But enough about my screw up of a father, ill tell you something about me. I am 13 years old, and am a little depressed.

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