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bobby the goblen

By savannah bahn-page

many years ago far in the forest lived a lonly old goblen called bobby. he spent his days gardening cleaning and colecting food before winter hit. he lived in a nice white house, as small as your thumb his house he had a nice soft bed a kitchen and a fireplace to keep him warm in winter.Bobby thought one day that he would go on an adventure as he hadnt been on one before. he walked though the forest untill he came to a lake ... he thought to himself "how do i get down there?" then a plan popped into his head.he went and cut down and big tree and carved the middel out to make a log boat. he put it in the water and went down the stream. well he wasnt floating down the stream he came to a feild full of, blue berries balck berries and strawberries.he tied his boat up and went and grabed as much food as he could the loaded it in the boat then carried on down the stream.Bobby came to a house which had a nice smell coming from it. Bobby tied him boat up once again and ran up to the house. he looked in to see to big giants sitting down stuffing there faces. Bobby slid under the door to have a closer look untill a big fat fluffy monster with to big eyes and whiskers stood two centermeters away from him. the big monster let out a noise that bobby had never hered befor "MEEEEOOOOWWWW" bobby said too him self " what in gods name is that meant to be?" the monster came at bobby untill one of the giants said "come here you silly cat" bobby thought to him self "hmmm that thing is called SILLY CAT" Bobby ran and hid in the cupboard and waited for the giants to leave. Bobby turned around to find a pile of food , he grabed as much as he could carry then ran to his boat and carried on down the stream. Bobby ate as much food as he could he kept eating even though he was ful. Up ahead there was a water ful. he was just about to tip untill two butterflies came and picked the boat up, they asked "where would you like to go" bobby replyed "id like to go home please" "sure thing" said the butterflies.Bobby got home and lay onn his nice soft white bed and drifted of to dream land.

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