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By Rebecca Goodman


I waited, alert,
But all the while,
I was questioning, questioning, as much as a child.

I was asking myself,
Why do we have to have war?
What’s wrong with the peace that we have had before?

What’s wrong with the peace,
The kindness and truth?
Why change this to bloodshed, why be this uncouth?

The reason for this?
Go ahead, explain,
For I can find no reason, and I’m racking my brain.

This war, it is pointless,
What do we humans gain?
We are destructing, destroying, again and again.

We humans, we’re blind,
For none of us can see,
What we’re doing to this land, and to this beauty.

Wouldn’t you like it much more,
If we soldiers came home,
And life went on going, and we continued to roam?

Just as I thought,
You would, wouldn’t you?
And it’s me as well; it’s not only just you.

So just stop for a moment,
Take a moment to reflect,
Why are we doing this? Is it worth the effect?

By Rebecca Goodman.

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