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Preface : Living in Black

By Sam

The water looked so inviting and on a day like this, it's hard to refuse. I stuck my legs a little lower into our giant backyard pool, but after reminding myself about the scorching school day ahead, I reluctantly removed my legs from the cool water and tracked back inside. I walked through our new house and strangely enough it was giant, just like the last 4. I could hear my footsteps vibrating through the deserted hallway, as could I hear Max playing with his trucks, mum complaining to an ignorant dad over petrol prices and the fridge running quietly as I neared the kitchen. As I popped my toast, mum entered in straight black, like always, with heavily lined eyes and dad pulling up at the rear wearing matching black and slick hair. Not noticing, or really caring, about their arrival I continued to slowly nibble further into my toast layered in vegemite. “When you're done there, go and get Maxy and tell him it's time for school please, Allie.” Mum spoke up as I put down my toast and eyed my school bag with caution. School time! Suddenly, as I turned I swear I saw dad give mum a pocket knife which she slipped into her back pocket, along with a sheet with SPY written on it. SPY? My heart pumped as I ran to get Max. And one question invaded my mind: Why?

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