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The Shifters

By Lainn Davies

The Shifters

Footsteps. Heavy breathing. The panting of the assailant he had been pursuing for the last 3 weeks. City to city, country to country. Eric held in the urge. It bore holes through his skull. He needed to shift. It satisfied him. Eased his suffering. He felt him self getting closer to his brothers assassin. He leapt. He felt the wings sprout from his shoulderblades, jet black feathers flying everywhere. Any time some one saw him in his true form they thought he was an angel. He wasn't. He soared forward toward the pursued. Huge deadly talons erected from his fingers. He snarled in fury, baring glistening, dagger-like fangs. He saw a gleaming, shiny object in the assasin's hand. A small click rebounded off his ear drum. The killer took aim. His finger tensed. Eric flinched.

"AAAGGHH!" Eric sat bolt upright, drenched in sweat, panting heavily. "Okay" he calmed himself."Just a dream, just a dream." He flopped out of the warm, comforting sanctuary known as his bed to relieve himself. A lone, jet black feather drifted softly to the ground. He stared and gasped in horror. The feather blurred and vanished with a small wisp of smoke. The veil was meant to cover up all supernatural activity so regular mortals would not be able to figure out what has been going on over the past few millenia. Not just mortals, The Amoveo as well. The Shifters. Eric had heard that word alot in his "dreams"lately. Amoveo. A demonic voice whispering it into his ear. He didn't know what it meant. The veil had been a little hazy. Like someone wanted to sabotage the universal balance of magic and "reality" as some may put it. He lay back down and closed his eyes, hoping many things, hoping he would forget all these things, hoping his brother would come back.

None of them did. He did however, finally decide to google Amoveo. Nothing came up. Eric knew it was some kind of ancient language.

40, 60, 80 metres. Nearly there. Heart throbbing. The pounding of their bare feet on the dry, dehydrated grass. I'm there. The ribbon snaps across my chest. Cheers shooting into my ears. "Go Darren!!!" Eric exclaimed. "You did it lil' Bro!" The crowd swarmed around him like moths to a flame. Eric scrambled to get to Darren through the crazy sea of people but when he got there, he was on the ground, blood gushing from his chest.

A short hard sob rocked his entire frame. "Eric!" Darren whispered " The Amoveo lives!!!" His eyes glowed a blinding white light, ripping Eric's soul from his body, but in a kind of wierd, warm, comforting way. Eric's eyes instantly locked onto his. The blood seeped back into his body. A detailed knife made of bone with a lion on the base of the hilt dropped from his chest.

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