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Life of Brian

By baylee modlik

Most stories end happily but this is not one of those cold foggy night, the mist lightly covered the black sand and the moonlight gazed down on to the calm ocean below, as the tired waves pulled their way up to the sand and quietly broke on the beach. The soft night breeze whisk pass my face and it felt as if the world had faded away until that one horror-ed moment.

The high pitched scream of a young petite child echoed through my ears, at that one moment i froze... i couldn't believe what was right in front of me.When i caught back my breath i gazed up to see the souless murderer sprint off into the darkness of the night. I held the little girls cold dead body in my arms and quietly weep-ed only to see hundreds of flashing red and blue lights coming closer and closer.When i saw the bright torch light shining on to the black sand and i heard a deep but terrifying bellow i realized what to do.....RUN!!!

It felt as if i had been running for miles. I turned into a alley way only to hear the sound of gravel crunching under my feet and rebounded off the walls.I looked up and saw a faded red brick wall standing high and strong... it would be impossible to destroy and then it finally hit me, i might get snapped. I could hear the police sirens becoming louder and louder.I thought in my head ' maybe they won't accuse me' but i know that if i saw a bulky Shadow sprint into the darkness as soon as the police came i would be a little suspicions too.

Tears trickled down my face and when i stepped out of the dark alley way i saw the hell car speed straight pass me. I ran and ran until i couldn't take another step.I fell to the ground with a powerful thud i felt as if my lungs had been ripped out of my chest and my heart was about to burst .I gazed up only to see a bench, a playground and a cold abandant church.I slowly wounder into thatbuilding and then i just clasped,i cried and cried realizing that i'm all alone, no-one is here to help me, no-one is here to care for me, and worst of all no-ones here cry with me, but at that time i never would have guessed what would happen next in my life...

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