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Life of Brian

By Hussain Raja


He slept. Harris slept quietly in the bed. Not caring about the rain roaring in his ears, the
wind crashing on the window and not even his parents having an argue with such anger. Just slept. Down stairs, his parents were fighting. “I-i-i-i- think we n-n-need a divorce” cried Harris’s mother. “A divorce? How can you simply talk about such an awful thing Mary? It was just a little mistake, please” pleaded Harris’s father. “Just please give me another chance?” “No, not again Ben, this has gone too far, and I can’t believe you still care about that woman which you had broken up with, and all this time you had lied to me” Mary explained with a tear rolling down her cheek. “I’ll go and fix up the appointment for the divorce tomorrow morning” She left without saying a word and quietly went to bed.
The morning light woke up Harris. The birds were singing their lovely songs; the autumn breeze was blowing the leaves of the trees and onto the soft grass. Harris groaned. It was a Monday morning and that meant school. It wasn’t that he hated the school, but it just didn’t suit him. Something like they had to wear orange socks and blue shorts with polka dots on them. But the normal part was the grey polo-shirt. He got out of bed and went downstairs. Something was unusual. There was not a single piece of furniture in the living room. He looked around the house but still, the only room that had furniture was his bedroom. Harris ran out to the driveway. There was a truck parked neatly on the angle of the road and there was a woman talking to the driver who however, was big, bulgy and handsome and with lots of experience of manner. The woman came out to be Harris’s mother. Then a thing struck him. The truck, the truck was a furniture truck. Harris walked slowly to his mother thinking what to say. Mary turned around to talk to Harris. ‘Harris, it’s about time that you woke up. “We are about to go” said Mary. “Go? Go where? I can’t think were going to move?” stammered Harris. “Well, I’m afraid so Harris, we can not live here anymore.” said Mary sadly. “What about dad? Won’t he come?” “No Harris, Bens not going to come. We have already done the divorce and are ready to move on” Tears ran down his cheek. He couldn’t believe that for the first time in his life that he will be not with his dad.
Harris was speechless as he depressingly wept on the side of the car. He did not want to talk to his mum in thought of his dad. How would his dad feel? How would life be for without his wife? His mother however, did not care about the divorce. Infact, she was much more proud then ever Harris had seen. After a while, Harris got to his normal mood and started talking with his mother. “Mother, where are we going?” Mary looked surprised. “I’m glad you asked, were going to Timaru” Harris sat back. He hadn’t been to Timaru before, but it did seem exiting. He seemed to be happy from the outside but from the inside, he was still lost in the thought of his father. Harris was joyful but sad as he stared out the window. He was happy that he was starting all over again but sorrowful that he left his father and to know that his parents wouldn’t be spending those happy moments together, but knew it was better for the both of them. He wished he could just forget that stabbing memory of that night they divorced. It felt like the ride would never end in the back seat. The vehicle slowly ground to a halt at an unfamiliar rose surrounded house. Harris finally realised that it had actually happened, as if he had thought it was all a joke, an unforgiving joke.


The house in Timaru turned out to be different then Harris had thought. It had a two storey house, with a green lawn. Roses surrounded the house in such a way that you couldn’t explain. Harris and Mary walked up the path to the front door. He took his first step when he heard a rustling sound from the bushes, but he just thought it might be some animal. He stepped into the house slowly, thinking about what it would be. He opened his eyes and shouted in at astonishment. “Wow!” “I know, isn’t it beautiful?” Harris looked around to Mary. “How much was this house?” Mary replied. “About six hundred thousand dollars” “Six-thousand dollars!” “Hundred thousand dollars” “But that’s not even from your salary, I mean you don’t get that much in your job?” “I know I got it from my new boss” “What do you do now?” “Beauty therapist” “Okay” Harris went up stairs. There were four bed rooms, two king size rooms and two queen size rooms. Harris chose the second king size room. Harris ran down the stairs and noticed something odd. The floor. The floor had red stains on it. Paint or maybe blood, never mind he thought, only Harris and Mary would be here so it doesn’t really matter. He looked out the door to find Mary and the driver talking. He heard only some words. “Me and you……out…..tonight…. no one should know” the driver nodded and Mary kissed the driver in the cheek. He smiled and drove away. All the furniture had been shifted in the house. Harris pretended not to notice the conversation and quickly sat on one of the couches before Mary came in. “What were you talking about with the driver” said Harris. Of course Harris knew the Mary was going to lie. “About how much I would have to pay him” “Oh” He knew it. “Where are you going tonight?” asked Harris. Mary paused for a bit. “No where, why do want to know?” “Nothing, just curious” Of course she would be lying, why wouldn’t she? Harris went up again. He looked up on the wall and saw a small trapdoor and a handle strapped to it. Harris jumped and held the handle and pulled it down. Stairs were already made. He walked up the stairs and looked inside. Harris nearly fainted. It was a luxurious bedroom covered in white. It had an onsuite and a white comfy bed. That’s when he knew that this would be his room. While he was lying on the bed, he heard a thump on the roof. He looked up and the roof had a window. Blood marks were dripping on the side. He gasped. He ran down the stairs and down the staircase and saw Mary in the kitchen making lunch. Harris went up to her and told her everything. “If you want to see the blood marks come with me” Mary followed Harris until the got up to the room. “Look up there” he pointed at the roof-window. Absolutely nothing was there. Only a plain double sided window was there. “You must be dreaming things Harris, you’ll get used to it” and she went down the stairs back to the kitchen. Harris thought the same thing. He slumped back onto his bed and looked at the window. Blood marks. Harris got confused. Why couldn’t Mary see the marks? He tried to ignore the thought. He looked out the wall-window and saw and police car speeding onto the lawn. Harris gasped. He ran down the stairs and on the lawn. The police was holding a man. Blood was dripping out of his hip. That explained everything. The rustling sound from the bushes, the red stains on the linen and the marks on the window. You couldn’t quite see the man face because he was covered in rags and ripped clothes. Harris went up to the police-man. “Hi there, I was wandering who this is” The police replied “No one knows, but we do know that he came to this house for something. There is something that is a annoying him, a thought” Harris caught a glimpse of who the man was but the thought ran out of his mind, like a athlete, running on the start of the bell. He quickly told the police officer of what he had noticed in the house, the officer smiled. “As I said, this man has a thought. But there’s something else, the thought has driven him crazy, this man can do anything to put that thought away. Just be aware of this person okay?” “Sure” Harris could see the mans finger nails. They were kind of like his dad’s nails but again, the thought ran out. Mary didn’t seem to notice the police on the lawn. “YAAHHHH!”
Harris fell to the floor. The man was scanning him, touching him in different places. “Get off!” Harris shouted. The police came running and pulled the struggling man off. “Better go, son.” And the police ran off. That was strange, wasn’t it? The man. Mary was still making lunch. “Deaf” He knew it was kind of rude but anything could happen with the man. “Mum, what’s for lunch tonight?” said Harris in a rude way. “Spaghetti on toast” she replied. Mary was just pouring the spaghetti when it came to him. ‘Dad.Dad.Dad’ the same thought came into his mind when he pictured the man. ‘But it must be impossible. How can the mental be his dad?’ “Bona Petite” said Mary. “French?” “Yeah, just wanted to try it out” Suddenly, the T.V flicked on. “Breaking news! A man who had just been caught today as ran away! May I warn you that this man is not normal! If you spot him, please do not approach! Call 111!” “Mum, how the hell did it just do that?” Mary looked shocked too. “D-d-d-on’t k-k-k-now” she stammered. “But didn’t that man look like dad? I-mean-Ben?” “Yes he did. Kind of. Yeah maybe. No!” “Harris! Stop ruining my first perfect day without that good-for-nothing Ben!” And then he just blurted it out. “WHO WAS THE ONE DATING THAT TRUCK DRIVER!”
Mary’s eyes narrowed. “What did you just say?” Harris had lost his mind. “C’MON WOMAN! DON’T ACT LIKE YOU DON’T KNOW OF WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! I WAS WATCHING YOU HOOKING UP A DATE WITH SON A DOG! I bet you divorced………

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