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retell of how the kangaroo came to bounce

By terina osborne

I awake to a jet black envelope of smoke. My hazy blue eyes seethe in the heat of the it.I squint in agony , I cant bear it any longer so i peel off my tree and pounce on my legs. I hastily charge away.Briefly I think of what to do. My mind was a blur. I felt woozy and light headed from the smoke but I shook the feeling off and I looked for a way out of this dilemma but in the moment of my thinking the fire had spread and before I knew it I was ambushed by a blazing ring of horror the cherry red flames flickered and danced against the charcoal black night. I couldn't believe it I started to panic."what do I do what do I do what do I do "I gasped. I could feel the flames tickling me secretly slowly singeing my fur with the slightest brush.I almost decided to fall to the ground and just wait for the flames to come swallow me up but I figured the smoke would come to suffocate me first and finish the job and then there it was just like a beaming light in a dark forgotten room an opening I almost died of a heart attack my face lit up with an expression that was meant to be joy but turned into something like shock and fear (with a tinge of glee)but I knew that I had to hurry as it was already beginning to enclose .So I ran I just ran the sound of the crispy baked grass crunching beneath my feet. I caught a glance of a Boab tree bow down to the ground and catch fire it broke my heart to see my home being destroyed by a stupid freaking bush fire. I could feel the heat around me rise but didn't care to look how close the flames had gotten my mission was to get out and get away to be honest I couldn't bear the thought of being roasted alive, and then it closed my precious, life saver, opening closed right before my eyes but right now I didn't care so I jumped, I jumped higher than I had ever jumped before, I was jumping for my life I screamed out in pain my front paws had been ravished from the fire burnt black.for a moment I whimper and sulk over my paws. I try to run but I end up looking like an idiot so I start to bounce I figured it looked better and so I made my way out of these plains.........

Unfortunately it became a gene and so my future generation was bestowed with ugly black paws and was forced to walk on... well hop on two legs.for the rest of time and all eternity or maybe just until it wears off yea probably.

the end...

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