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The Devil Walks Before us

By Tyler Pitts

The devil walks before us,
looking for a soul.

Clip clopping through the streets,
on his fiery hooves.

Go to sleep, Go to sleep
I say in my sleep, trying to get the clip clopping out of my head.

Then one day I set myself down,
and said well devil i'll make you a deal.

He appeared in a fiery blast,
and he said

"Well young man you look for a deal, I'm the one to ask".
"That man in the heavens won't help you with this, let me help you bask".

"I don't need anything you offer".
"I just ask for one thing".

"Let me dream, let me think".
"Let me have my link"

"Okay i'll take your deal,
but only if you win a game".

"For what is this game,
it better be a game of strength".

"No, a game of mind and will".

"I will accept this challenge,
and the rules".

"I you win i get your soul,
and you'll burn in coal".

"And if you win,
I'll leave your town and never step back".

The questions that the devil ask that man were hard and long,
and when he answered then all the devil said

"Well young man, you are pretty minded,
but I have on more question to ask you"

"What will that be?",
the young man asked.

"If you join me,
and endless life will be yours".

"No, I have more than that i have a soul"

And with that the devil burnt into a fiery ash,
and never appeared in that town again.

The devil walks before us,
not looking for a soul anymore.

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