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The fluffy slime

By Tasha Jenkins

Lilly was always a strange dog. Right from the start at the pet shop I knew that she would be a very special animal. A year later my prediction came true as she fetched the bal she dropped it at my feet and to my surprise she said " Well are you gonna grab the ball or not" I was gobb smacked, I never knew she could talk. Then it went black and I woke up sweating. But there was ne problem. I was not in my bedroom. Hopping out of bed I went and investigated. As I opened the door i fell. Falling down... down... and down I landed on somehing white and soft. Looking up I saw Lilly holding me. I let out a gut wrenching scream that gave Lilly or what I thought was Lilly start to melt????? Much to my horror she turned green and slimy an her fur becme a labcoat. As I looked down I saw a little box. Inside was my town.... "Aghhhh" I screamed. Looking to my right saw an oven and it semmed to be getting closer. These bg vibrations were making me jump in the green hand. Then I was flying and to my horror I was thrown in the oven and the door closed. "Noooo" I yelled. I then broke out a huge sweat. As it got hotter I started turning into a mince pie. 5 minutes later I was a pie and the green hand pulled me out. I got closer to his mouth and then it went black.....

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