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Life of Brian
Sent Away

By Caitlin Trotter

I awoke to find cold sweat running down my face.I looked out the window to find major destruction.Houses were burning, peole were screaming and bombs were going of.My room was hot and a second later my mother came in yelling at me to get out.We ran out into the bomb shelter.It was quieter underground and safer to.My nose was bleeding from a rock that had hit it when an anvil had been dropped.My sister was crying and my mother was breathing weirdly."Mum." My sister asked."When will this horrible war be over?" Mum drank some water, and took a deep breath."Soon I hope" She answered.BOOM! A bomb urrupted outside. My sister huddled closer to my mum."Woss"I said."Jamie!" Shouted mum."yeah" I said trying to hide the fear in my voice as another bomb went of."would'ent you be scared if your father which he is, was outside fighting war.She was right.What if dad did die? I would never forgive myself.I never remembered getting to sleep that night.just night mears about "what ifs".What if my sister or mum died? What if our dog,who came with us died? Life was full of possiblitys.the next morning, mum dropped Jess and I with the dog,at the train station to go live at our anties house and thats where we stayed untill the war cleared up."All aboard!" Shouted the sation manager."Bye mum

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