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The disappearence

By Jess Garrick

Hello, My name is Honiahaka
Im 14,
My name means Little Wolf,
And my best friend’s disappeared off the face of the earth.

I Ran to my best friend Liwanu’s (Growl of Bear) house as I did everyday, but today was different, today was November 21st The last day of the Owl Zodiac sign, and Liwanu’s 14th Birthday. I raced inside my best friend’s house, nearly crashing into Misu (Rippling Brook) Liwanu’s father as I rushed past
“Careful Honiahaka, Don’t want to get hurt do you” said Misu in an all knowing voice.
“No sir, Sorry Sir” I said quickly as he run past into the house.
The house wasn’t its usual wooden cool place. Today it was covered with black, blue, red and yellow streamers and brown balloons. I looked around the room one thing stood out a giant banner shaped as an Owl the words were
Happy Birthday
Liwanu’s mother Migisi (Eagle) was pinning the banner on the wall of the house.
“Where’s Liwanu” I asked her.
“At Black Beach… I think” said Migisi. “We’re ready now why don’t you go get him”
“Ok be back soon” I called as I raced out of the house. It didn’t take long to get to Black Beach. I looked out all around the Beach and spotted a shape on a cliff which looked like a child about to jump… I raced threw the forest trying to get to the cliff when all of a sudden a Timber Wolf jumped out of the forest to stand in my path. Its ears were pricked and its teeth were showing, we locked eye’s a powerful voice inside my head boomed TURN BACK, I jumped but I was thinking, no. The wolf disappeared and I ran towards the cliff.
The shape was gone and there was no footprints, no bent grass and absolutely no trace that any body was ever there. I stood on the edge of the cliff, a sudden flash of purple light shot across the sky. I raced away from the cliff back to Liwanu’s house.
“Migisi, Liwanu” I called as I walked into the house.
“Who are you calling son” Misu said from the TV room.
“Migisi” I said walking over to him.
“Who” asked Misu?
I stood there with my mouth hanging open.
“Your Wife, Liwanu’s mother” I stared yelling at him.
“Who are you talking about my boy? Are you felling alright, this woman Migisi is not my wife or have I ever met her and who is Liwanu is he a friend you made at school today? Because as you know, you are my son Honiahaka and as you also know your mother is out doing the shopping.” Misu yelled back at me. “Go to your room, now!”

I was lying in the Liwanu’s old bedroom thinking, what was going on? Why is Liwanu not here with me? Where is Migisi? Why is Misu claming he’s my father? And Why is Misu saying my mothers alive?

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