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Colour Blind

By jasmine nash

Colour Blind

Chapter 1
RIIINNNNNNNNGG!!!!!!!! The alarms sounded. Stanley didn’t even move an inch.
His younger sister Anita burst into the room.
“Stanley, c’mon, the house is on fire!” she yelled.
“Anita I know it’s just a drill, we do it every Saturday.” Stanley wasn’t a morning person. Especially on Saturday.
“Look,” said Anita, getting bothered by her brother’s laziness, “Mum says get outside in 3 minutes or we’re declaring you officially dead.”
She stomped out the room, slamming the door behind her.

When Stanley got downstairs, the alarms had been reset. His mum was running around cleaning, while making breakfast, AND taking care of his little brother, Murphy. “Stanley! When the fire alarm goes off, I want you outside within 30 seconds! What if it was a real fire!?” she cried.
“If it was a real fire,” said Stanley in a calm voice “We would be dead, like Dad.”
He started to regret saying those last few words. He knew how his father had died in a burning building. And he knew how his Mum reacted when they mentioned him. You could see tears in her eyes. She ran out the room, struggling not to cry.
“Now look what you’ve done!” said Anita, and she ran after her mum.

Stanley decided to go check the mail. He opened the mailbox and pulled out a bunch of letters. He flicked through them and found one addressed to him and Anita.
It was urgent.

Chapter 2
“Nita,” he called. They didn’t usually get letters addressed to both of them. To him it seemed weird. Anita came into the lounge, looking a little annoyed at him.

“Come and look at this.” said Stanley to his sister, as she came into the room.
Anita sat down next to her older sibling looking curiously at the letter.
“What’s it say,” she whispered. Stanley read...

To Stanley and Anita,
If you read this letter than you are alive and well.
Which means to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. Get your mother out as well, and Murphy to. Do it immediately for after this you shall continue on a quest for the 3 creatures that are located in 3 different places. You may bring friends, but their lives will be at risk.
Take care. From Agent A.P.S

“Well that was weird,” Stanley said blankly.
“Let’s get Mum and Murphy and get out of here.” Anita tugged on Stanley’s arm. They dragged their mother outside and ran away from the house.
Suddenly the house went black and white, like the colour had been drained out of it. Anita gasped and put her hands over her mouth. If they thought that was bad, they didn’t know what they have got themselves into.

Chapter 3
The family stared at what used to be their home. Nobody knew what had happened. Nobody knew if it was safe to step on the grass which had once been a yellowish-green.
Suddenly, a man ran towards them, and stopped right in front of them.
“Are you Stanley and Anita Slater?” he asked, panting a little from running.
“Yeah, what’s it to you?” said Anita, acting a little mean to the man.
“I’m Agent M from the headquarters in Australia, and I have been sent to collect you and take you back to the base, your mother must come too, and you may bring one friend each,” he said. He gave Stanley a phone and he called his BFF Tony and Anita called her friend Katie. They got picked up in big choppers. It took a while, but they finally landed in Australia, outside a colossal building made of metal.
“Looks like a prison,” said Katie.
“Looks gloomy,” said Anita.
“Yeah, gloomy,” said Tony. Tony had a major crush on Anita.
They walked inside to find heaps of computers, all stacked on top of each other. People were walking about, handing pieces of paper to one another and watching the computers. They went in to a lift and went up many floors. They stepped off the lift, where they met the boss.
“Greetings, I am glad that you are safe. My name is Richard Hoffland, and I will be helping you on your quest.”
“What quest?” asked Stanley, getting a little suspicious.
“The colour of this world is disappearing, as you have witnessed with your house. And it is going because these creatures have disappeared. The live in a cave high in the mountain tops. There is a blue one, a red one, and yellow one,”
“What do we do?” Katie said, as if they were hopeless.
“We have located them, so all you have to do is retrieve them. The first one is in the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii, you shall retrieve Rainia, the red one, from inside.”
“O.K,” said Stanley “We’ll do it.”

Chapter 4
It was a long, tiring trip to Hawaii. When they landed outside the Kilauea volcano, they were very tired.
“Alright, Rainia is located inside the heart of the volcano. There is a tunnel right through those trees. It will take you straight to her. Good Luck.”
They pushed their way through the tangled undergrowth until they found the tunnel.
They walked for miles, wondering when it was going to stop, wondering if it would ever stop. As they walked deeper and deeper in to the volcano, it got hotter and hotter.
“We must be close by now,” said Anita.
Just as she spoke, the tunnel opened out in to a little cave, and in the centre of the cave, sat Rainia.
“Rainia , at last we have found you!” cried Katie.
Rainia was bright red with deep crimson eyes. She wore a long, red dress which dragged along the ground.
“Thank-you so much, I can’t stand it in here.”
“Come on, they’ll be waiting for us outside,” said Anita
As they walked out the tunnel, the ground began to shake. Ash filled the air and blackened the sky. The Kilauea volcano was erupting.
They ran to the helicopter, and jumped on. The helicopter quickly took off.
“That was close,” said Katie, panting.
“We could have been killed,” Tony said to Agent M.
“Well, at least you weren’t, some of the other Agents died going through much worse.”
Agent M didn’t seem in a good mood, so they didn’t talk all the way back to base. When they arrived at base, they were greeted by a huge hug from their mum.
“We heard about the volcano, we were so worried, we thought you had been killed!”
“We’re fine mum, seriously.” said Stanley.
“Your challenges are going to get much harder, for tonight we set sail to find Bria, in the Bermuda triangle.”

As the sun set, they loaded the ship, and set sail for the horizon.

TO BE CONTINUED...........

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