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What if

By Jessy Brant

What If

What if I read something big. About someone who needs help with confidence. I know someone like that person. That person is me. My name is Lola. I'm 16 years old and quite boring. And this is my story.

Date 19/08/32 Time: 8:22am

Dear Diary

Today is my birthday. It feels funny to be sixteen. It feels like that you have more responsibility. I got you from my step-mum. I also got a book called When the white butterflies circle form my sister Annabelle. It sounds really cool. Tonight,after school I'm going to read it. I'll tell you all about it after school.

Date 19/08/32 Time 11:14am

Dear Diary

I've brought you to school today. I got a pink lamington from Mrs Bed. Amie gave me a heart shaped cushion and Violet gave me some violet seeds (I wonder why). When I got home I started reading When the white butterflies circle. I got up to the 4th page and I was hooked. I'm up to chapter 5 now. It's about a girl called California. Shes a famous singer. Then someone says that California has copyrighted a song. She is feeling so down, that she goes and stand out in a poppy field. Thats all I've read so far.

Date 10/08/32 Time 1:35pm

I feel really depressed. I think its because Amie said that I'm not talking to her much anymore, and she almost wasn't going to hang out with Violet and I anymore. So I almost lost my best friend Last year my bestie Sydney, had to leave school cause her mum got a new job. Soz lunch is over. Tell you tomorrow.

Date 20/08/32 Time: 3:30pm

Today was better. Amie was happier. I'm going to go for a walk now. I'll write in you later.

Date 20/08/32 Time 5:08pm

Dear Diary

You will never believe this diary. Its exactly like my book. You know how I said that I wasn't feeling very confident because I thought that Amie was still angry at me. Well thats like what happened in my book, except that California gets framed for copyright and I've lost confidence because of Amie. Well I went for that walk and instead of white butterflies I got like a burst of energy. Like a zap, but it didn't actually hurt. I feel really different so I hope its confidence. Now I'm going to read the rest of my book to see what happens in the end.

Date 21/08/32 Time: 7:43am

Dear Diary

My book turns out great. She goes to court and she isn't guilty. So hopefully things will turn out great for me. Soz got to go diary. School.

Date 21/08/32 Time: 9:09pm

Dear Diary

Today at school Amie was all happy chappy. She gave me some chocolates and said she was sorry. It looked like she was really sorry. So I forgave her.
In my book I only just got it. The white butterflies are good luck. What if I just had good luck.
What if.........

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