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my sisters glasses turned evil

By jonathan lowe

once apon a time me and my sister were playing ds she put in a cheat for high jump on super mario bros she did not know that had virus. Three days later she went to get her glasses but her glasses came alive me and mum did not kown until the half of the house torn apart. Her glasses was going to destroy the city we had to find the laser of gewn so we got in the car as fast as we could we to get to the town dominic. The glasses were flowing us so we were dodgeing the laser beams we got there just in time we had to look around the town till we saw prosessor brian falkner he knew were it was but he did not know to work it. So we went to it it was at the willow mountans we found it so me mum and my sister went back to the city we tryed and tryed to make it work but it did not work my sister glasses were coming close. Until I banged my fist on the machine it worked and it took them down we won the end.

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