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Gabby as a Cabby

By Gabrielle Downsey

Chapter 1

My name is Gabrielle Downsy; I live in Spring Field Australia. It all started when I turned 17 what a day. My father got me a V8 because he forget last year for my sweet 16th instead he got me a card that said happy 60th which I ripped up because he said they were all out of 16th what a cheapo!
That afternoon I went to the shop to buy some clothes from my new birthday coupons my mum gave me (what a frugal). I saw my best friend Harmony Sinclair with her mother Rosie Sinclair I smiled and yelled out BunnyBop (that was her nickname because when she was 7 she used love bunnies and would try to bop up and down).
“Harmony did you hear about Ruby Tammith? She dyed her hair black yuck! It doesn’t match her skin tone at all!” I gossiped “I know what the hell was she thinking” Discouraged Harmony. Anyway we carried on to the clothes shop called Ragers for Regals which was the most popular shop in the neighbourhood. When we went through the doors I saw my nemesis Tamika Thornton with her hip long bob cut with golden streaks in her auburn hair (She the girl everyone likes which I think is pathetic because she’s going out with the hottest boy in school his name was Xavier Meagher). As soon as her eyes set on me I briskly walked behind a clothes rack she saw me though.
“Oh look who it is its freckle face”. She teased.
“Get a life Tamika” I beckoned “Why don’t you pick on someone else” said a familiar voice from behind me I flipped around in an attack position. It was Xavier my heart pounding to heard for me to stand and last thing I know everything was pitch black suddenly I woke and holding me gently was Xavier I could of fainted again but he softly tapped my right cheek I quickly sat up fully embarrassed looking around for Tamika to do her annually snicker. But I realised that Xavier was staring at me I awkwardly smiled then he said “Are you all right”. I smiled glaringly at his perfect lips as he said “Are you all right freckle face?” I suddenly thought crap he still doesn’t care for me he just cares about a rep. What an ass.
Harmony ran over as Xavier started to leave and said “What happened did Xavier Meagher hit you and run!!!” “No I spluttered as I fully got up I saw him smile and I guess I fainted?” Then she leads me towards the women’s section of skirts I grabbed a red and black striped down to knee skirt. BunnyBop look disgusted and grabbed a golden metallic strapless mini dress from some rows over I slightly smiled we got me some high heels to go with and a poka dot Bikini set.
Harmony and I set off to the lady’s change room I put the mini dress and heels and turned around and said “DOES MY BUM LOOK BIG IH THIS” She rolled her eyes and said no just buy it. Next I tried on the poka dot bikini and bottom and of course I asked the same question. “DOES MY BUM LOOK BIG IN THIS” This time she said “Gabby, Gabs my darling you bum looks fine in anything I wish I had your bottom just by them”. I said “fine”
Later I dropped off Harmony and her mum with my new Cherry red V8. They thanked me and invited me in for some Coke a Cola of course I accepted I was parched from the earlier experience.
As I drove home my older brother Ben Downsy rang my Lime green Iphone “Hello Ben what do you want!” “Can you come and pick me up and my friend and help him move his stuff to his Brisbane house” “Fine what street?” “Kruger st” “On my way now” I complained it like I’m their taxi or something what’s with that! When I arrived the whole house was surrounded by cops I called Ben he told me to meet him and his ate in the alley way on King Street. I went the as fast as I could they had a non transparent bag with stuff in it I asked what was it as I opened the boot for them they didn’t answer as they all crowded in the car and I drove off up a outback area the police was dead ahead as we drove up the hill doing 90km. The police siren went off as we past them Ben’s mate Will I found out later. He jump out of the car and landed in a shrub. We pulled over; the copper came over and said “Licence and registration.” And guess what I forget it was lying in my dresser at home. I told him the truth he said “Ma ‘m get out of the vehicle slowly.” I did then he said “open the boot” I did suddenly Ben jumped out and ran over as I opened the boot Ben grabbed the bag and took off as fast as he could the officer yelled out stop he didn’t he kept going officer talked into his walkie talkie “Code Runaway I’ve got a Code runaway” Then he whipped out his Tazor I freaked out as he shot it at my brother” I screamed as Ben fell down on the road the officer stalked up next to him and put cuffs around him and put him in his car and went to me and did the same.
As we were driven away I saw Will head pop out and had worried look on his face and sprinted away I started hitting and kicking as hard as I could to my brother he reacted and hit me right in the chest the copper turned around and said cut it out or I’ll put in JAIL . We froze and sat quietly there.

It was a long journey to the police station when we sat in the cell for 3 and half hours. The officer said I was free to go because someone paid my bail I thought who could it be if it’s my parents I would be grounded for life and my car would be impounded but as I left the cell area in the waiting room the officer pointed the person who got me out of the jail I was shocked and fainted

Chapter 2

Xavier ran and caught me or so I thought it turned out the officer did and he

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