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Portal to Mars

By Harry Wood

Eating our creamy and refreshing ice creams on a hot summerlike day. my freind leeroy and I went for a ride down the creek,to feed my old dogs that I havent fed for about five days their names are barney and bradman and my silly old cokatoo whos name is cocky and is always telling me to shut up, sometimes I become so angry I throw a rock at its crapy old cage to shut him up.

We were feeding the dogs when barney started barking 'whats he barking at'asked leeroy, 'That silly old cokatoo is telling me to shut up again' I replied I collect a rock from the ground and fire it at the cage I missed here he goes again 'custard arm custard arm.'We finally get out of there,we start heading back, but we got bogged, we decided to walk the short cut in the creek. then we fall into this secret portal.

It seemed like mars it was like the sahara desert on a hot summers day.some how I notice other humans that I knew, this was really weird and was freaking me out.there was aliens trying to rule the world. One started running after me I was doomed 'ahhhhhhhhhhhh.'

I wake up what was happening 'leeroy' I yelled, there was no reply,I look around I was in my bed, it was all a dream 'ahhhhhhhh'I yelled, 'shut up shut up' cocky yelled.

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