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By ashlee

Me and my family hardly ever agree, but there are times we do but when we dont I go off on my own hoping for an adventure. I live under the ocean where it looks blue on top but underneath is the most brightest place on the planet. The coral grows straight up as if it was trying to touch the sky. The tropical fish swim free, they're like the birds of the ocean. My family and i own our own underwater cave near the Great Barrier Reef. We have lived here for two years now since we moved from our relaxing home in Fuigi.

Exploring is my passion finding things from the human world and bringing them back to show my other mermaid friends. " Chloe be careful when exploring, you dont know what might lurk above," she would warn me. I never listened I was in my own little world, I didnt even know when a huge sea monster had relocated near us. All my friends would dare each other to see who would go into its cave steal one of its teeth and bring it back. I decided that if I wanted to prove to my family and friends that i could do a great deed, mabye they might understand me more. I planned to take a sword with me just in case this sea monster suddenly woke up when i went to reach in, i then realised that i would have to think of a way to retreive the tooth. My idea was i could poke a long peice of coral inside the sea monsters mouth to pry it open, then once ive done that i will quietly sneak in and rip out a tooth. I settled for that idea and took off, not even bothering to inform anyone else i wanted to see the look on their faces when i bring back the tooth.

I reached the cave, it was dark cold and more importantly scary, but i wasnt going to give up now. I picked up my long peice of coral and gently and carefully pried the monsters mouth open. SUCCESS!!!! I walked over and quickly pulled out the tooth, and swum as fast as i could. My journey home was almost over when i saw a boat, my mothers voice flashed through my mind and her strong command, but my curiousity took over me as i started swimming. I reached the surface and peered over the edge of the boat and looked at the strange creatures that were on the boat. I wanted to stay there all day , but i knew my parents would already have realised i was missing. I quietly took off in the water, swimming briskly although i was in no rush to return home. I looked around at my gorgeous underwater home. On my left i noticed were a school of fish playing i smiled at them, but it soon faded. Something hit me and coiled around me i saw it was rope. I was suddenly moving quite quickly through the water. A boat was towing me along and it wouldnt be long before i reached the surface. I closed my eyes expecting it would all be over soon when i saw two familiar hands reach out to grab me.

It was my mother with a very worried look painted on her face.Something hard stabbed my hand as i looked down. It was the tooth. I smiled my mother probably thought i was crazy. " I was so worried about you". she said. I told her about my great deed capturing the sea monsters tooth and how everyone would treat me differently. She smiled. " We will love you no matter what" she whispered. A huge grin spread across my face. I guess that means that i wont be going on adventures for a while.

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