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through the ages

By Aimee

well this is not really a story its more of a extract from a story, want do i mean more of it is a extract from a story i writing its my best part, so here i go.

The sream escaped Danika's lips as her soul was ripped from her quivering body and expelled through the ages.

Wills life flashed before his eyes, as all the memories of Danikas sweet sunshine hair, her sparkling saphire eyes, her chalk white skin and her lush lips soft as a cloud. Puff gone because of him.

But there was still hope he could find her he would do it even if it takes him years even if it takes him an eternity. Puff he was gone a lone soul left searching for his long lost love longing to hold her dainty hands as smooth as silk. Hear her laugh that is like a millon fairies twinkling. He will never give up not intil he fixed his mistake.

Now all thats left of the couple is space and air. The only witnesses are the rats under the floor boards, no one will Know there story, no one will no they even exictied apart from you and me.

Hope you liked that it proble my favorite bit please excuse my spelling they should really have a spell checher but oh well ill live so enjoy B-).

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