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The doll and the dream

By Emily Pound

There we were, me and my Mum, Standing inside one of my favorite shops...The doll shop.
I asked my mum if I could go and look around while she looked for a present for my little cousin and she said “Of course you can dear”.
So as I looked around I saw all sorts of dolls...Barbie dolls, Scary dolls and ugly dolls and that’s when I saw my favorite doll of all it was a stuffed doll and it had blonde hair and blue button eyes and it was wearing a bright pink check dress with a black belt. I just stood there admiring the day dreams then got interrupted by my mum who walked up next to me and said "That would be a nice birthday present for your cousin" picking up my doll. And I of course said "Nooooo no no no...Wouldn’t she prefer this doll" and then I looked at the doll I had picked up and boy was it button eyes...Old and tatty black and brown clothes...And I said "uuggghhhh" and threw it to the ground Mum then said "You better be kidding about that...Is there anything you want??" and I said "No!" then slowly followed her up to the counter.
That night I was lying in bed thinking about how I could get my doll without my mum noticing. I lay there a just listened to the ticking of the clock. I got no where and I slowly drifted off into my dreamless sleep.
When I woke everything was different...My room was clean and my bed was neatly made over my body. I got up curious to see what had happened and I just stood in the middle of my clean room then I heard something and I went down stairs to see my mum cooking breakfast. I looked outside and it was still dark. I then looked back at my mum. She then said “Hello, My dear Amy”.
And she then turned around and I gasped because she had no eyes and she looked just like me doll…the doll I wanted!. “Hi…Who are you?” I said…”Im your mother…your other mother” she said. I said “Ummmm I don’t have another “mother”…she then said “yes you do everyone does…Come on sit down and have some breakfast”. So I slowly walked up to the table and when I saw what was for breakfast I said “Infact I would rather go to bed now…” and she said “Its only just morning” I then said “I’m not hungry…and I don’t know you so I’m going home…NOW!” I then started slowly walking backwards...she then said, with a freaky smile “Why don’t you just stay for a while…Dear” that’s when I spun around a quickly started running back up the stairs to my room. As I was running she yelled “Come back here RIGHT NOW young lady” but I ignored her and kept running until I got to my bed room door. When I then started trying to open my door it wouldn’t budge…so I turned around to look for anything that could be doing this…and there he was…my other father. My other father looked at me and said “hahaha…poor little Amy cant get into her room…how sad…I suppose we will just have to make you stay here…wont we dear” I turned around and there blocking my bed room door was my other mother, she said “Yes…Yes we will”. They then started closing in on me…when they were about to touch me I screamed!
I then woke up to see that my very normal messy room was there and I was lying in my very normal bed. I thought to myself ‘ thank god that wasn’t real’ I then got up and got ready for my day shopping, for my cousin, with my very normal mum…with eyes.

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