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By Tianna Sukkarieh

I looked around.....No one in sight. Here I am in the middle of the scorching,plain Feroa Desert,with absolutely no communication with anyone! It's my fifth day out here since my miserable kidnapping. I mean who would want to kidnap me...Seth Hicney a dumb,daggy 12 year old boy. All over a treasure map of the lost Feroa Jewel. It's only the most famous map in the whole world and it's right here in my backpack.

My parents would be worried sick! You know mums... Cook,Clean,Worry Cook,Clean,Worry.. and so on until their precious sons get kidnapped by two horrible kidnapping men who smell of rotten eggs and a pile of cow droppings. I guess my older sister Sienna would be happy. Not that I care much. Anyway she's not worth talking about. Now, back to me. I'm stuck here in this barren land of endless dirt and soil, with a heavy backpack. Worst of all, this bag DOESN'T contain any sort of edible objects. So i'll probably starve to death.
Here's what it does contain:

-$2 coin
-Ipod charger
-T.v remote?
-My rosary beads.
-Tiny rubber rugby ball
-West Tigers Jersey
-Sienna's lipstick??

Some pretty weird stuff in there......
My dad Jerry would worry more about the T.v remote than me!
'Yawnnn' I was tired, but i had to stay awake n case any cars drove by. My friend Levi was lucky I helped him escape.............

'Yawnnn'I woke up, with the bright sun in my eyes. 'Arghhhh' I had fallen asleep. I picked up my backpack and walk a few metres towards the sun. " Darnn it" There. right in front of me a pair of tyre marks. Couldn't they see me sleeping?? Oh well' i sighed as i started walking towards the horizon.

To Be Continued.......

P.S- To Brian, I went to the writer's festival (2010) and i am a really big fan of nrl. Even if im a girl, i reallly want to read 'The Flea Thing'.. I think your awesome. I have an idea for maybe a new book. What iff.. there was the first female west tigers player =) and name her Tianna

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