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By Will and Ash

8 The train shook from side to side, Regan could barley hold his ground; the people around him took no notice of the creaking and cracking of the train Regan swore it would fall a part at any moment leaving all of the one-hundred and twenty passengers stranded in the middle of a foul smelling tunnel. Regan knew there would be no head on collisions because this was the only train running for the past few years. The reasoning for leaving an old train on the tracks was for the sake of the people who could not afford or survive a fast paced city and expensive new hover trains and cars. The town used to be a small fly-over state known for nothing but their award winning pumpkins.
The train came to a halt and over the loud speaker sounded a rough male voice saying something about Kingsbrook Avenue. Almost half the people in his cabin got up to leave. Regan was almost washed away in the sea of people. When the train chugged into action and headed down the tunnel he clambered onto the closest seat he could reach. Reagan sat down. The person across from him glared out the window, Regan didn’t understand why as there was nothing but thousands of year old rock outside, as they were in a tunnel. He glanced around the cabin trying to form a picture in his mind about how the cabin used to look like years ago, when it was new. It was a little sketchy but he had a picture in his mind all the same.
The train came to another sudden stop which made his thoughts blur together he didn’t bother trying to place the image back together because it was his stop. He leapt off the train with such force it caused him to trip up and fall onto the filthy ground.
Regan walked out of the station; his hand clasping his nose, with a red liquid seeping through his fingers. He crossed the street not bothering to look both ways because the new hover cars and buses were enhanced with the newest, most efficient safety hardware that would literally drive the car for you. He made it to the other side. Regan walked past the mall, it was a run down old thing and nobody really enjoyed going inside it as the mall brought back bad memories. It did this because nobody remembered to change the Christmas theme. Nobody celebrated Christmas because people just forgot about it really.
Regan reached TnT (Todd ‘n’ Tommy) Industries. The doors were a pitch black and not welcoming at all. He got that out of his mind and walked inside. The receptionist was using the latest TnT holographic computer; the only draw back for having a holographic computer is it reveals each and everyone’s contacts. He could read the CEOs contacts but even if he did what is the use for having them, rob his house?
Regan walked up to the lady, she smiled sweetly. He asked her if he could speak to Thyme. The receptions no longer smiled she just ground and said’, “Take a number!” and sure enough there was a cylindrical box with a piece of paper out the side he had a great felling he would be number 1 because no one else was in the room. However when the number was revealed he groaned, the number he got was fifty-seven. He looked around the room, it was deserted you could almost see the tumble-weed rolling along the floor. There were 4 large screens; one showing the weather, the second showing the news; Yet again there has been another protest for the Techno Ages. The third screen was used as an advertising tool; Regan was impressed at how the sales prices have plummeted, he thinks TnT are planning something big. The final screen had the number: 56, he smiled a sly smile. The number flicked over to 57 however when he when to open the door, his briefcase sweating in his hand, it did not budge.

High above; on the level 82, Ashley sat in his swivel chair, he sat at the back of the room, in the middle was a circular table and protruding from the middle was a globe. Ashley rubbed his chestnut hair, his hand almost getting stuck because of all the product, he chuckled as he gazed over the island; his island. Ashley’s assistant Jesse walked in, Jesse always thought he was smarter and more handsome than Ashley but was always in his shadow. “Sir,” Jesse squealed in a melodious voice, “there is a man wanting to see you?”
“Send him in!” Ashley boomed back. Jesse poked his head round the door, his voice muffled because of it. Soon enough a tall young man walked in, his blonde hair looked as if it was being blown in a breeze. “You are?” Ashley asked.
“Regan,” he grunted, sitting on a hard, uncomfortable chair. Regan didn’t feel right sitting in this room with the CEO of Todd ‘n’ Tommy industries however he couldn’t back out of his mission if so he would have seald the fate of the city, the world. “Ashley,” Regan chirped, “if you don’t stop your money making scheme of over running the world with technology you’re going to destroy it. This is why I’m here, I came because I was doing calculations on the sun, the moon and the earth, some thing did not add up that was when I realized what was going to happen!”
“What could happen, the sun crash into the world?” said Ashley in a sarcastic yet worried voice.
“Exactly… sort of, the satellite you pulled from orbit is now drifting around Space. Is that what you think?”
“What else would it be doing?” his teased voice disappeared.
“Someone has reprogrammed it as somewhat like a magnet.”
“That was me. Don’t you watch the news; I programmed it as a magnet to collect the space junk from space but we lost control of the satellite last week.”
“Oh yeah, me and Jesse, I’m the brains he’s the help, Jesse is practically my right hand man.
“Well anyway

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