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Life of Brian

By Janetta Kim

When I go to sleep, I see a rich and golden land, flowing with milk and honey.
When I go to sleep, I see elegant mermaids dancing gracefully in my underwater dream.
When I go to sleep, I see and smell the divine essence of sweet bread, fresh out of the oven.
When I go to sleep, I see a forest of lush green ferns and feel the silky soft breeze against my arms.
When I go to sleep, I see a castle carved out of ice and surrounded by a garden of snow.
When I go to sleep, I see the Seven Wonders of the World bowing at my feet, as I breathe a sigh of happiness.
When I wake up though, I see a monster, the colour of death clawing at my fragile life.
I see machines of all sorts and nurses rushing past me.
I see the squeaky clean floors and the strong smell of disinfectant spray.
I see tubes stuck to me like super glue.
I am a 9 year old boy with leukaemia.
The doctors said I only had a week to live. They told me to be brave.
I am not afraid of death but of my dreams vanishing.
My dreams are what kept me alive through my pain and suffering.
I want to keep them; they disguise my sadness into happiness and sorrow into joy.
When I asked my doctor if I could still dream, they said yes but it would be an everlasting dream.
My mother says it is unfair to take away a life of a young boy but I know I am going to die. The doctors cannot fix me, no one can.
As I take one last ragged breath, I begin the never-ending dream.

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