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the hand

By zayne alan hill

One dark night me and my friend Bob were driving home from a Halloween party. When suddenly we felt a bump under the car the size of a hand. We lost control of the car and crashed into a ditch.

When we finally got out we were surprisingly unharmed. We saw a house across the road, Bob was scared and thought it was a haunted mansion. I said he was a scaredy cat and dared him to go in. He did. It was two hours later and he still hadn’t come out so I went in. Before I had a chance to knock on the door it flung open. I walked in and saw two stair cases and a door in the middle. Suddenly the door slammed shut and it wouldn’t open. I yelled out “very funny Bob.Come on out we have to find a phone and get home”. He didn’t answer. I had a feeling Bob wasn’t behind this. I decided to look for Bob. I went to look for Bob through the door. Suddenly I was falling. I landed at the top of the stair case. All the stairs fell down as the floor opened up. Now I believe Bob. There were two doors to chose from ,they both had roman numerals on them. Then some writing appeared on the wall. ‘The door of which you seek Is marked as 551 the other will still lead you but it is much more horrible’.
The doors were marked DLI and CXI. If only I’d paid attention in class I’d know which one, I thought. I decided to go through the one marked CXI. Once I was in the door slammed shut behind me. Then a voice like a ghost said “wrong one”. “The only way out is to open the tomb”. I looked forward and saw a tomb. I decided not to wait.I walked up to the tomb and opened it. There was no corpse, just a lone hand. The door flung open. I ran out and went through the second door. There was a hallway that seemed to go on forever.
After awhile of walking bob came sprinting down the hall. I stopped him and asked what he was running from. “tthhhe
Hahahahand”. “The hand” I repeated. Suddenly we fell through the floor. Every thing was dark except for a single torch. I picked it up and gave it some more juice. The room lit up and we saw it was full of
Human skeletons. It was a dungeon. We started walking and then we saw a door. we started running towards it. Then a skeleton fell down from the ceiling. We screamed. The walls started closing in on us. We were boxed in then it started to fill up with blood. Just as we were about to run out of space to breathe all the blood drained out. We thought we were Safe. We were wrong. Spikes came out of the wall and started to close in. They got closer and closer and closer, closer. Then when the spikes were just pricking me we fell through the floor. We fell to the floor. When we got up we screamed. We screamed because we saw a ghost. “ssshhhh” said the ghost “the hand will hear you”. We stood up and said “why did you save us?” .The ghost said “because I am destined to be trapped in this house until it is destroyed”. “Then why do you need us?”. “Because only people that escape can destroy the house”. “So you’ll help us escape?”. “Yes, now come along”. The ghost led us to a fire place. “Pull the middle log up”. I leaned into the fire place and pulled up the middle log. The fire place moved to the side revealing a staircase. We walked up the stairs and ended up on the other side of the dungeon. Ahead we could see three shadows.We walked closer and saw that they were skeletons. We thought they were dead. But when we tried to push our way past they threw us back. They started firing streams of blood. Then a big wave of blood came from behind. It smashed the skeletons to pieces and pushed us through a trap door in the ceiling. We got up then saw the skeletons behind us. They started chasing us. We started running, then the ghost disappeared. We came to a door and were just about to open it. Then the hand jumped down in the way. The skeletons took Bob, and the hand dived at me. Just before the hand got me the floor gave way. We both hit the ground. I took off only to find a brick wall at the end. The hand stood a short distance from me. I pulled out my lighter from my pocket to keep the hand back. It lunged at me. The hand went straight through the flame and caught on fire. I fell back on the wall and it opened up onto a slide. I fell down it and landed on the hard ground. I got up and saw that I was in the dungeon again. I kept on looking around an saw Bob chained up on the wall. I ran over and got him down. We saw a staircase leading up to the first floor. Once we got to the to the top I saw that the hole in the floor was gone. We walked over to the front door, It opened. Bob ran out and said “lets go ,now”. “In a minute”. I got out my lighter and lit the front of the house on fire. Then we started to run home. But in the corner of my eye I could have sworn I saw the hand in the window. The day after I heard the ghosts voice say “thank yooouuu”. After that every thing went back to normal. And we didn’t get in trouble for burning down the house.

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