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april fools speacail

By emily

April fools special!!!

There I was as a teacher in my 30’s teaching children at the age of 13, science. It was April fool’s (this is a day where teachers get stressed because someone might do something to them) day it was a boiling hot day. As I was drinking my water, my class started to whisper and giggle. I looked down to see if my clothes had a hole in it, but it was fine. I said to the class “why are you laughing!” The class froze trying not to giggle.

Awhile later my tummy started to make grumble noises, I collapsed to the ground. The class sprinted up to me and stared… Suddenly my stinging eyes opened as I rolled over but then I realised I was in the midair! I screamed as loud as I could, for as long as I could. It felt like I was going to faint! I was on the dirty roof that no one bothered to clean because it was the highest roof in the whole school. I looked down to see all my students rolling on the floor laughing, finally one student calmed down and explained to me that they put a magic potion into my water that made me fly, for a April fools day joke. But don’t worry it only lasts 1 year until it wares off!
A few minutes later the head principal came in and said,” what’s all the giggling for and where is yd “detention for all of you, plus community services our science teacher?” The class pointed upwards, the principal looked up, and a horrifying shock appeared on his freckled face. He unkindly said!”
As for me, well luckily they found a potion to fix my problem; the children are doing detention or community service as we speak/read.

By Emily de Rooy

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