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the story of the seven keys

By jayden williams

The story of the seven keys

The story begins with seven magical keys. In the magical land of mordor. That have a mystical power of being able to let the bearer to know when a lie is being told and to let them tell lies with out being caught lying . So the story begins with seven kings that rule the seven different parts of the country. One day whilst the king of ziona was sleeping a young cleaner by the name of Leo came apon the key sitting on the bed side table and he stole the king’s key and made a copy and put the key back. Then the king woke up and realised what had happened and he was furious. He had his guards searching every person that was in his room. But the cleaner was nowhere to be seen. So when the king found out about it he ordered every single soldier he had to look for him. But Leo had his own magical power he could paint and what ever he painted disappeared from the real world and got put in to an artificial world that he created and he had painted himself, his friends, a painting studio, his family and he got his servant to keep the painting safe and hidden until he returned and then about a month later the king ordered his soldiers to search Leo’s house and his servants house and off they went when they got to Leo’s house they turned it up side down but they found nothing so the next day they went to the servant’s house and he had just got home from work and had started making his dinner when he heard a knock at the and then he heard the general say by order of the king we are allowed to search this premises for clues relating to your ex-master if you do not let us in we will use force to gain entry with that the servant said “just a minute” and he quickly made sure the painting couldn’t be seen under the floor board and opened the door he is then pushed aside and told to wait out side. He waited patiently for them to finish. A half hour later they came out empty handed and left to report to the king. The servant was allowed back inside his house and shocked at the result of the soldier’s rampaging through his cabin, There was furniture and clothes every where, his dinner was on the ground and everything in the cupboards was thrown all over the place but at least they didn’t find the painting and with that he started cleaning up. Furious at their result the king order his soldiers to go back the next day and tear both house’s down. The next morning the servant woke to the sound of smashing and crashing he walked outside to find the soldiers tearing apart Leo’s house then he rushed in side packed his things and the painting and bolted to Leo’s horse where he left the castle and hid in the woods. The king told his messenger to write a note about what has happened and to take it to the other six kings and ask them to help in the crusade to found and hang the servant for treason and to get the painting of course. And they finally found him in a cave living off the land and arrested him for treason and tortured him till he told them where the painting was and they found the painting and destroyed it.

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