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Myles and the Mysterius caterpiller

By anagh Driscoll

Once upon a time there lived a 4 year old boy called Myles whos best friend was 4 year old Alex.
Myles and Alex travelled around the whole wide world together,until one day...
'Alexandra time for tea.'
'Coming Mum,' called Alex.
'See you tomorrow Myles.'
'Sure,' Myles replied.
The next day Alex ran outside to find Myles not there and a caterpillar in his place,She was upset he didn't come.
'Hes usually here,'she sad sadly, so all day she was looking outside her window waiting for Myles to appear.
Myles lived next door well across the road. Alex wasn't sad any more she was disappointed so she ran outside.
'Where's his car? His curtins are closed,WHERE IS MYLES?!!
The next day Alex ran outside.
Next day not there.
Next day not there.
Next day not there.
A few days later Alex stopped the routine of running outside, then at last she got sick of Myles not coming so she never thought of Myles again.
One day Myles's parents arrived home but Alex was moving houses, she didn't notice them and as she said she wouldn't think about him, so sadly the miserable life began, then to make things worse Alexandra suddenly got pulled into a tiny hole to a huge hideout full of caterpillars then things started to get a bit suspisius. Alex wandered around the hideout then hiding behind the mysterious caterpillar was Myles.
'MYLES!!!!!!!!!!!!’ Alex yelled and Myles was soooo pleased to see Alex! 'Where have you been?'
'Alex Im sorry I moved to London,Im sorry I diddnt tell you 3 weeks ago.'
'Well you should have I'm nearly 5!!'
'Look Alex'
'Wait a minute how did YOU!!!! get down here?'
'That hole's from London'
'WHAT?!' moaned Alex.
'ALEXIE whats wrong?'
'I still cant believe you didn't tell me.'
'I'm getting outta here.'
'Wait Alex,' he cried.
Poor Alex and Myles from then I wonder Whats going on with them.
So alex found a new Friend and now shes in the story.
‘yes darling’ ‘Can I please ring sally for a play’
‘Please!’wont the dog scratch her’
‘lightning couldn’t hurt a fly’
‘oooo.. Alright’.
When sally arrived we had other visitors, Aunty kate ,Grace and lucie.
‘Ella are you there’
‘oh hi kate, this is un expecting to see you.’
‘Hi Gracie Weres lucie?’
‘On the tramp where’s Alex’
‘Your cousins decided to invite herself to sally’s house remember her’
‘ya dont like here at all’
‘oh Gracie its alright i dont think shell be late’
‘I guess your right Aunty Ella’.
Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring Brrrrrrrrrring
‘Hi Mum’
‘Oh Hi alex’
‘mum can i stay for a sleep over at sallys tonight’
‘NO!!! because Gracies staying the night tonight’
‘Ok then Ill be home soon were on our way’
SUDDENLY!!!!!!! The Mysterious caterpillar came back.
‘Its you you’re the one that gave me and Myles this life apart’
‘Don’t worry Alex.’
‘you can talk?’
‘you know my name?’
‘you’re a caterpillar?’
‘Be quiet you’ll blow my cover kid’ the crazy caterpiller said.
‘No time for chit chat We have to fix this problem’
‘But my cousin Grace is there she’ll see’
‘No she won’t Alex’
‘By the way who are you?’
‘Why me oh Im the mysterious caterpillar!!!! but you can call me fred’
‘ok then fred how do we fix this?’
‘Easy!! but you promise you wont tell any one about me’
‘MAMAZTA? hu Myles’ from that day Myles never did something without telling Alex and in that lived Myles,Alex and the Mysterius Caterpillar.
‘ I SAID YOU CAN CALL ME FRED’ Myles, Alex and Fred.


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