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A Halloween Joke

By Charlie

Lizzy was left at home alone one night. She was 16. Whilst she was watching TV she heard a noise. Lizzy turned the TV off and listened. It seemed to be a knocking at the front door. She glanced at the clock, 8:53, who would be knocking at the door at this time of night, unless it was important? Heisentaly she opened the door, no one was there. Closing the door she said to her self that it was just her imagination. She started to sit down on the lounge when she heard the knocking again. This time coming from the back door. This time Lizzy ran to her room and hid under the covers of her bed. All was silent but then came the knocking on her window. Lizzy froze, hardly daring to breathe. She heard the window being opened, and someone climbing in. Suddenly the covers were pulled back. Lizzy screamed. There stood a man wearing black, holding an axe. He raised the axe above his head. Lizzy closed her eyes. She heard a laugh and opened her eyes. The person had taken off their mask. It was not a murder it was Lizzy's boyfriend. "Happy Halloween" he said as all of Lizzy's friends burst through her bedroom door. "I will get even" she muttered. Lizzy told her friends to wait in the hall whilst she got ready. I told them my parents were going out on Halloween and wouldn't be back till past midnight. This is what I get, I don't even like candy and besides, Trick or Treating is for whimps, Lizzy thought. How bloody stupid of me.

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