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A Greek Cinderella

By Charlie

Once upon a time there lived a girl called Adonia, meaning a beautiful Greek goddess of the resurrection. She had long, black, wavy hair that shone in the sunlight. Adonia also had emerald like eyes and soft, rosy cheeks. Her lips were like cherries when they were covered with lip gloss. She had a skin complexion of soft tan, and was 19.
Adonia was an only child, and had no parents but lived with a very old lady, Angela. Angela was poor and was barely able to look after Adonia, who cared for her guardian very much. Adonia therefore, always went and worked to feed both her and her guardian.
One day, whilst Adonia was out working in the stables, very tragically, Angela died, leaving Adonia her house. Adonia was shocked to find out that Angela had died from a heart attack. Very tragic indeed. A funeral was held the following day, to mourn the death of the old lady, many friends said her time was coming. Adonia had to agree; Angela was nearly a century old and had been struggling to hold on.
A year after the loss of her guardian, Adonia had become a very wealthy lady. She no longer worked at the stables, but was the head of all of the clothing stores in the Kingdom. She wore gowns instead of shirts and pants and went to all of the best parties in the land. One day, the messenger boy, came down from the palace to deliver invitations to all the unmarried women in the Kingdom, to the royal ball the letter read;
Dear Ladies, from the Kingdom of Greonette,
You are invited to the Royal Ball for the decision of my new wife.
The Ball will start at 6:00, onward, at the palace, tomorrow.
Many Thanks,
Prince Angelo Greonette.
Adonia was delighted to be invited to an all so important ball. At once she began to design her gown with all the best material she had. Keeping in mind that all the women going to the ball would soon be coming to order their gowns for it.
She was right, many ladies came that afternoon to order their dress. Poor Adonia,she had no time at all to create her dress, she sat down on her front door step, and sulked. By the time it was due for the ball to start, Adonia had already decided not to borrow a gown or go to the Royal Ball.
As Adonia got up to leave there was a flash of light and a peaceful humming sound. There appeared a lady, wearing a beautiful, yellow gown. As she spoke, Adonia felt relaxed for she had been so terrified at first, “My child, Adonia, why are you not at the ball”. Adonia was so stunned, that the charming lady knew her name, she could hardly speak. “Who are you”, was all she could say. The lady replied “I am your Godmother”. Andonia was shocked. She had a Godmother? "I am not going to the ball because I had no time to create a gown to wear." Andonia said. The Godmother replied "But you do". "I don't" Abdonia cried. The Godmother smiled, Adonia glanced down at herself. She was wearing the most magnificent baby blue gown there ever was, with matching glass slippers.
"But how do I get there?" Andonia thought. Her thought was answered. There in front of her appeared the most stunning carriage that was pulled by 6 white horses. "Oh my" she gasped. "Your carriage is a-waiting" Andonia clambered in. The 6 horses moved foward. "Remember, the spell wares off at midnight" the Godmother said as the carriage turned into the next street.
As Andonia arrived she was greeted by Prince Angelo, who had fallen in love with her, the second she stepped in the door. The two danced with each other all night long. When it came time for Angelo to announce the chosen one, the clock struck 12. Andonia remembered the Godmothers' words. She fled out the door, the Prince ran after her. As Andonia ran down the steps she lost her shoe, but she did not have time to get it. She left the Prince calling after her.
The next day Andonia heard someone knocking at the door. When she answered it, there stood the Prince holding the glass slipper. At once he recognised her face and went down on his knee. "Will you marry me....." "Andonia" "Will you marry me Andonia" he said with such charm that Andonia nearly fainted. "Yes" was her reply.
And so they got married, on that very day. It was hard for Andonia to leave her late guardian’s house, but finally she gave up and moved into the palace. And they all lived happily ever after, pretty much.
(the godmother, who had looked suspiciously like Andonia's late guardian only younger, was never seen again)
by Charlie (not really my name)

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