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A Powerful Thing

By Charlie

The sound of music reached my ears as I neared the Gate of Heaven. That Gate was the start of my next life, I took a couple of steps forwrd. But then, out of no where came a familiar voice, a voice that could stop me going through. This voice was soft and kept repating my name, over and over as if it were a broken record.

I did not know which way to go, my parents were standing at the gate, smiling, but the voice would not let me go. Then I realised the voices' owner, it was John. How could I have forgotten that beautiful voice? My life with him flashed before me. I knew what to do, I took one last look at my long lost parents and then turned and ran.

The first thing I saw was John's crying eyes looking down upon me. There was large tear running down his face, though he did not seem to notice. I reached up and wiped it away. He smiled. I looked around, it all flooded back, we had arrived home from a 10km run, in which I had come 2nd. I had not been drinking enough water and so as I steped out of the car, I passed out.

He gently lifted me up and carried me onside and set me down on the counch. He bent down and his lips brushed mine. John grabbed a jug of water for me. I murmered something under my breath so he couldn't hear me. My words are true and will always be 'Love is a Powerful Thing'.

By Charlie

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