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Life of Brian

By Evie Steer

Melissa Miller strode her way home from school on a hot summer’s day; she struggled as the heat got to her. The sundrenched road was blistering and when each foot touched the ground, the warmth travelled through the bottom of her volleys and into her feet. When she turned the corner onto Camry Drive she nearly ran into a pole, she took a step back just to be sure that she hadn’t hit it. When she took a step back Melissa realised a piece of paper and a laminated sheet had been tapped onto the pole. It read: Lost, Money. Call 0000 0000 now and receive $250. Last seen at Mount Ommaney Drive. Good Luck!!! Like every 13 year old, Melissa wasn’t rich. She got $4.50 a week for doing all her chores but this would be a gift from god. Seeing as Melissa’s mum and dad got back from work at 5:00 she decided to go and look for money. While she was walking to Mount Ommaney Drive she thought where to look first then it hit her, the windiest place on the road, the turn off to Popcorn Street. She walked down the street and to the turn off there it was, a $50 note lying under a branch. She lifted the branch of the note and started walking back down the street. Out of her bag she pulled out her phone and called 0000 0000. “Hello this is Shannon.” Said the unusual voice. “Ummm... I found money.” Replied Melissa. “Oh... well my house is at 153 629 008 760 Sesame Street.” “I’ll be there right away,” shouted Melissa. Melissa hung up and headed straight towards Sesame Street, it took her nearly half an hour to find number 153 629 008 760 but then she found it. Walking up the stoned path was sort of a relief for Melissa she felt that all her hard work was payed for, she lifted a fist and knocked on the door. She went inside and gave her the $50. Then there was another knock at the door, Shannon opened the door and that was when Melissa realised money was a dog. When she walked home she looked at the sign again and found a picture of a dog at the bottom of the ‘lost’ piece of paper. Still she got to keep the $50.

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