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The Storm

By Jane Bartley


Okay, this MAY not be a story but I like it anyway.......

The rain batted against the window
The wind slammed against the door
The lightning struck and thunder bellowed
Nothing left any more……

Trees were thrown down on the street
Mailboxes were pushed over in rage
Fences were knocked over, doors were left ajar
And the sky became a washed-out grey

As the storm passes and the wind dies down
There is silence of utter fear
And when they realise it’s gone for good
They give an almighty cheer

It’s hard to imagine what the street was like
Before the storm came
Positive neighbours that got along
But now it’s not the same

Everyone stays optimistic
And helps clean up the mess
Of course some things can NEVER be replaced
But they all think that they’re blessed

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