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Miss Picket and her terrible temper.

By Daajan Bain

"What do you think your doing sitting there on the ground?"said Miss Picket as she walked out the classroom door, with her screechy voice. " I....I was just getting up" said David the frightened child amongst the dirt." "well get up faster" she snapped. So David ran along off to class.

David thought to himself."why couldnt she just try to make a smile along her jaggered face"but thoughts didnt help, he needed to do something about it.

"SIT UP!" Miss Picket yelled. Scott was bundeled over on his desk. he quickly shot up straight and said," OK, sorry Miss Picket i was just tired. "Well go home and sleep if you are tired." she replied.

Ding ding ding ding, went the bell for play. David was sick of Miss picket. He was always in trouble because of something. It just wasnt fair. "Im in year six and doing nothing wrong but she yells at us like we are wild animals." David said to his friends. So David and his friends thought about it. Josh had an idea,"We will buy her a pet" "NO NO NO!, we cant do that"said David. " " We will turn invisible" suggested milie. " we cant do that either, we are not magic" said David. but then David finally had a thought. " we will start to call her a name she dose'nt like". "what name will that be" replied millie." Miss Pickle." said David. They all thought it was a good idea.

They went off to play when the bell rang.They all had to go back to class.

"Miss Pickle!!!!, i need help " said David. "SHUT UP!" Miss Picket said. In two seconds she was there. "Miss Pickle i need help!" said David. "STOP SAYING THAT!" she shouted. "ITS NOT NICE!" "Well you are not nice" replied David. Then there was a moment of silence.

Miss Picket and David were silent all day,
until when Miss Picket appeared out from the door and called David." Im sorry for always being mean and snappy." Miss Picket said." I didnt like being called that name." " well we didnt like being told off for nothing" replied David. " Will you promise us not to be so snappy if we dont call you that name?" David replied nervously. "YES, i will.

So Miss Picket ( Miss Pickle) was never cranky from then on and David and his friends were happy.
. "DAVID!!!" screeched Miss Picket. " Here we go again" thought David. "COMING MISS PICKLE!"


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