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The Fairy's Old School

By Shannon Ferguson

One day there was a fairy named Jess. She loved her skateboard but she wasn't good at spells. She hated flying. She also hated being a fairy. She always thought her little sister Casey was a bit of a show off because she's so good at flying and Jess isn't. Her mum Gabriel and her dad James knew she hated flying and wasn't that good. She always had her best friend Fiona. Fiona was a ice friend to Jess. They were Best Friends! When they had to do a spell, Fiona always told Jess what to do.

Jess woke up and got dressed for school. They wore a uniform at Jess's school. Then Jess went to eat breakfast because Jess was super hungry. Her little sister Casey was flying and sprinkling fairy dust. Fairy dust is clean unlike normal dust. Then it was time to go to school, so Jess got on the bus. Fiona was there and in front of her was her enemy Nidia. When they got to school they had a test of how to grant peoples wishes. Jess didn't know ho to do that. Jess had to study but she didn't. So Jess failed! Jess had another 10 tests and Jess failed all of them. Then Jess was announced over the microphone.

"Jess Cartwright, come to the principal's office immediately!" When Jess got there,her mum and dad were in the office. Jess sat down.

The principal said "We're going to send you to Street School for Humans".

Jess was so excited, but what about Fiona? She thought.

The next day Jess got dressed. Now she was allowed to wear whatever she wanted. She had breakfast and went to Street School bus. When she was there she met someone who was real nice. Her name was 'Sapphire' but she preferred to be called 'Sappy'. They went to the lockers. Then a girl came down from Fairy Club. These people love fairies. Her name was Caitlin. Caitlin thought everyone wanted to be in fairy club.

Jess's first class was about writing. Later on she told Sappy she was a fairy. At first Sappy didn't believe her till she flew up in the air. Later on she really missed Fiona. The next day her parents told Jess that she had a chance to give up being a fairy. She replied "I still want to be a fairy". Fiona found out and got so happy that she put a surprise party on for Jess.

The End

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