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By Meg

Chelsey was just walking down the streets of New York city, on her way home from school. It had been an okay day, she guessed, if you counted getting a lousy C on a quiz "okay". She decided to take a shortcut throught central park, but decided to stop and have a snack and drink her water first-she was tired from crying about her low grade. She sat down in front of one of those sewage tunnels, the ones that everybody said you could get under the street if you crawled far enough. She wasn't about to do that though-I mean, who would want to have to pound on a manhole for hours till somebody got you out? She was just about finished with her bag of Fritos, and was about to take a gulp of her water, when she heard a noise from inside. She turned around and looked at the tunnel. It happened again! She listened for it very carefully, and there it was again! A third time! It sounded like....Human footsteps? "You will NOT go in there, Chelsey," she told herself. "You will NOT."
But, after a moment, she found herself crawling, hand by hand, knee by knee, down the tunnel. "What are you doing?!" she scolded herself. But she kept going. After about two or three minutes, the tunnel widened, and the roof became high enough for her to stand. She tried to step around the sludge on the floor. She looked ahead. It was dark, and the onle light was coming from cracks in the ceilings and...An occasional lightbulb?! This was getting weird. She was about to turn a corner, but suddenly-"AHHH!" she screamed as a hand grabbed her and pulled her around the corner, and then another clamped her mouth shut! Whoever it was turned her around and she saw...she saw that he was white, white as paper, with red eyes, same as the smaller person behind him-at least she though it was a him-had. The person said, "Hey, Skitter! Bring Scrat over here, it's a girl!" "A girl?" the other said. He came closer, carrying a white cat with a torn ear. "Where'd she come from?" "I don't know, but we had better bring her with us. No one can EVER find out who lives her. No one can ever learn of the realm of Albinism.

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