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the kid and the dimoand 1

By Emile attaya

a very long time ago there was a 6 year old kid who had always dreamed to be a spy but he dident know that what was waiting for him was bigger than a spy could handel.

it was monday morning on the fist day of the new year he was watching his cartoons as usal untill suddenly his tv blanked out then this big mussely man appeared on his tv and said r u timmy and timmy stood up and looked at the tv closer and said YES !!!!! The big man said come on out outside and look up.Timmy said ok..... he went outsideand he looked up onley to se a man in a helecopter throwing him a climb lader timmy climes the ladder and hops in the copter the man lockes the door and goes back to the pilot seat he lookes fimaler thinks jimmy then hew F I N A L Y !!!!! figures out that the poilet is that man from his tv.The man speaks he says i am agent loontic and i am here to give you your misition jimmy shouts out what mission the big man ( agent loontic) says today is your luky day you always dreamed to be a spy so we are statring you early jimmy shous yes then he says but how will my mum and dad react agent loontic say dont worry we have that cover there is a kid that lookes like you in the house.So time for me to give you your mition ok first i will drop you ate this proffers house he has stolen a very importand jewl then you will go in throught the window there is about 40 doors to the place watch out for camras and gaurds.Jimmy say how am i goine to go in my pj's agent loontic says no there is a full suit and gadet belt in the toilet wait for you to change intojimmy goes into the toilet and changes he comes out coverd in black black shirt blaxk pants and last but not leats the black shades.agent loontic says you are at your destanatin use all of your gades and good luck agent loonic opens the door and says jump jimmy says are you crazy agent loontic says trust me jimmy says ok he jumps suddenly his shirt opens like a butterfly he lans on a brick fence near an eletric wire leading strait to a window he quiclay starts lookg for a slider he hold on a put it on the wire and slides strait to the window he hops in and the his watchstarts to flicker he lookes at it and it starts to turn into a map GREAT !!!!! A map for the building he tryes to open the door but its locked so he pulls out his gun and shoots the lock and tthe bullet goes strai through and hits the gaurd

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