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The Story of a Teenage Tomboy

By Xoe Wilson

“Benji wake up!", I heard my step-mom say.
"Come on Benji I thought you were going to Blake’s house today!", She had just remembered me.
"I'm up, I’ll get there", I said very slowly.
"Okay!" She said with a big smile on her face.

My sister was already up and clean, when she saw me going into the bathroom she said something a little like;
“Good morning little sister you don’t look very well maybe just sleepy!”.
I pushed her out of my way and said,
“Just mind your own business and stop getting in my way!”

As I was getting changed and ready I knew I was moving this summer break, I didn’t want to tell any of my friends but Blake knew because of my stupid older sisters! Their names are; Maddie, Gemma and Kitty, my two brothers names are; James and Jay (both boys are younger than me) and my younger sisters names are; Bubbles, Rebeka, Zeho and Krystal.

My step-mom wants to move away from my other mom so we all have to, EVEN OUR DAD! Our mom is happily re-married and just wants to know us, again, because we were all taken away from her at our births.

Our mom was mental at our dad when Maddie was born, that’s probably why we are all away from her now because she’s a mental case!

Summer break is only 7 weeks away. I always hang out with boys (I’m the only girl) Blake’s been real nice since he knows about us moving. I don’t care what people have to say about me hanging with boys!

Bubbles and James started to cry (they are twins) I think they are hungry but I don’t know how to feed them. When we leave I’ll write to all the boys telling them how my trip is.

----- 5 minutes later.... ------

I’m at Blake’s house now he’s so awesome and happy I just got here and he’s very glad to see me. He gave me a diary on my 5th birthday and I’ve only used it sometimes. I’m 15 now, well time for lunch then heading back home to do jobs.

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