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Life of Brian

By Ngaire Signal

Fact: Lying gets you into trouble. One way or another you will get caught.

In a small town not far from Hamilton, lives a girl. Kate is her name. She’s a girl, who’s average at everything, thinks shes the best and is a bad, bad lier. She lies about everything just to make herself feel important. Her friends know she does this, but she carries on.
“What did you do on the weekend bro?”
“Just spoke at a conference with 5000 people for my dad”
That’s just one of the hundreds of lies she has said. In Septmerber 1998 she made the biggest lie ever. Her dark times were approching. Would she loose her friends? Her reputation and everything she lived for? She has to find a way out, without letting anyone know. She has dug a hole, but can she ever get out of it?

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