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By Renee

When you’re old and withered and starting to perish you posses many life stories to be told. I narrate mine through music. Behind lyrics to unfold a piece of music, there you will discover an enchanting allegory that bears the high and low notes of ones life.

An imperceptible sunset crept the room walls, a saccharine flavour left a sense of tranquillity. I was immersed deep in its resonance. My fingers drifted softly across the ivory, locating the ideal keys to weave into the melody of my composition.

The profusion of notes dispersed into a mellifluous rhythm of a lullaby. My berceuse has no hindrance or barriers to hide the true meaning. My fingers danced across the keys, picking up the pace of the rhythm, the music flourished my hands moving swiftly across the instrument. My piano.
I was edging closer to a memory, a single sad note. I didn’t quite make it in time but someone else did.

The opulent bell like chime filled the room in a sensation so sweet it was almost surreal. I turned my head to a monumental memory pulled from my brain, grey haired and creased with age a face that fuelled my life.
Her blue liquefying eyes held my gaze, I was reluctant to look away in case she disappeared. Somehow I continued playing, her hands backing up my notes in a repetitive soprano tune, and we both played our duet. The two of us are both branches twined together to make an unbreakable, inseparable vine.

Both of us were captivated in the flow of the harmonic sonorous. I was content for now, she was with me, not physically but that didn’t matter.

We continued our duet,

The duet of our life.

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